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  1. That looks fun - lovely snowy stages! Keith
  2. Lovely job, really like that scheme, very nice racecar! Keith
  3. Neat bit of work there Chris! I'm guessing spell check has changed under to yonder there Chris? Or, forsooth, are you going all Shakespearean on us? K
  4. Another cracking model Tony, lovely work again! The Hastings is in my all time top 5 favourite aeroplanes, mainly I think because of my late dad's stories of flying to Egypt in one during his R.A.F. days. And despite also rembering 'two bob' Airfix kits in Woolworths I don't actually remember ever seeing a real one fly. Really must get a kit before, as you say, they start fetching daft prices on a certain auction site! Keith
  5. Also available at Hannants in an xtrakit box. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/XK72005?result-token=A5oRI
  6. Beause you need things to be right - Advanced Modellers Syndrome strikes again...!! Good start Chris, you'll soon sort those pesky seat pads! K
  7. I don't know if it was particularly strange, but when I look back on where I bought kits, I do find the number of shops who's main business was selling cycles that also had good selections of models, was quite surprising. I can think of at least 5 in the local towns, whereas I can only remember 2 specialist model shops. Possibly stranger was a shop that sold domestic lighting downstairs and models upstairs! Keith
  8. Yep, and you're a quick builder too - you can see why my builds take so long...!!
  9. Excellent - really nicely done Andy! K
  10. Oh 'eck I'd missed that - another car I would have loved to have owned and which is now well out of reach! Have they announced just a road car or group a rally car too? There goes me buying no more kits out of the window - but resolutions are made to be broken! Keith
  11. I'd say it ranks equal with cotton buds! Keith
  12. I told him to keep the box - he can live in it when said authorities turf him out....!! Spittie is looking rather splendid Andy, really liking that subtle post shading! Personally I don't bother post shading the underside, as paint won't really fade much underneath... (and I'm lazy!) K
  13. Chris, I think we should set Andy a challenge - let's see him build one of his 32nd kits - and paint everything with a brush and Humbrol enamels..... Why's it all gone quiet.... K
  14. Love to know what Ferrari think of the things!
  15. What's a T.8, new one on me? Do you mean a T7? If so the Xtrakit is still available and isn't a bad build. Keith
  16. I built the MPM kit as a Belgian jet - the MPM is a nice kit that goes together well. Still have 3 in stock so will pass on the Airfix one.
  17. Which way round were the P-51, P-40, Gnat and Tiger Moth? 72nd first and ''upscaled''? Me too, still hoping for a Javelin and Sea Vixen before I shuffle off this mortal coil.... Keith
  18. Depends if they really up their QC. If it still comes with warped or short shot parts, poor transparencies or any of the other problems their recent releases have suffered, then I don't feel they can justify pricing in Tamiya or Zoukei Mura territory. Keith
  19. Another glorious model off your bench Chris, and I'm still astounded you can get paintjobs like that with a brush!! Stunning modelling again! Keith
  20. For mine too - vast improvement to the thing on the box top! And the colour is stunning and really suits the car - I've got a can of that paint, really must resist the temptation to buy one of the kits to put it on...!! Really nice job on what you've turned into a great looking car! Keith
  21. I certainly wouldn't have been, I thought it was a fairly good match going from memory of the real cars (I know that's probably not the best idea ) OK it isn't 'metallic' but I often think that may be an advantage in smaller scales given the size of the flakes in many model paints. Keith
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