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  1. It's apparently what Ferrari do (or did) on the real thing! Keith
  2. Quite simply one of the most astonishing modelling endeavours I've had the pleasure of witnessing - and what a beautiful gem of a miniature aeroplane (sorry, that should be gems of miniature aeroplanes ) resulted from it! I said it in the build thread Tony, I hope you don't mind repetition - outstanding, just outstanding! Top, top work all round! Keith
  3. Have you got an MDF laser cutter as well now....??!! That's a very neat airbrush holder, if not home made could you say where you got it please Steve? Keith
  4. That's another cracking little gem Trevor with more of your signature additions and corrections that make such a difference to the finished model! Do you have all (or most) of your finished builds on display? It would be great to see a pic of them all together Top job again! Keith
  5. The main problem with the 996 (& early Boxters) as I recall was major problems with engine failures - not what you'd expect from Porsche engineering! Keith
  6. Not as much as a problem as us using theirs.....!! Possibly why the Mitsubishi Starion got its name! My great grandfather on my late dad's side was Japanese, but I know absolutely zero about the language... Keith
  7. I recall it was the bottom left, and I think if it was displayed on the top of, or right hand side of the screen you could get fined (for non display IIRC!! I seem to remember getting a few complaints about that when I worked in DVLA Vehicle Enquiries - stock answer was 'nothing to do with us, please contact your DVLA Local Office! ) Keith
  8. Monogram did an esprit Turbo. I'm not a Lotus expert so don't know what series it was; https://www.scalemates.com/kits/monogram-2970-lotus-esprit-sport-300--497262 Fujimi also do (did?) an Esprit which I think is a series 1 non turbo? Not a clue on the bike sorry. Keith
  9. I wonder if the misspelt manufacturer name is a typo - or ti stop the mighty (long gone) Reliant company coming after them for licensing money...?! That looks like a neat kit though, shame it's not 1/24 it would look great next to the Bond! Keith
  10. I know, we still have the last expired one in the Mini. My point was, being lazy, not having to find or print a tax disc for a current day model is a bonus....!! Keith
  11. Outstanding Tony. Simply outstanding.... Keith
  12. Your memory is better than mine! K
  13. The date the vehicle was first registered, or if it had been off the road for any reason the month in which it was re-taxed to go back on the road. So if your Bug was registered on say 10th April 1973 the disc would show April 73. Actually, thinking about it I don't know if I'm remembering entirely correctly. I seem to recall there maybe a cut off point after which a vehicle would get the next month's disc.... I don't know if it's been mentioned but cars in the UK no longer display tax discs - which makes building a present day model just a little easier ! Keith
  14. Many images of tax discs here; https://www.google.com/search?q=1973+uk+tax+disc&rlz=1CAKDUD_enGB937&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjVz7LgvZT5AhUqQkEAHSCcDnQQ_AUoAnoECAEQBA&biw=1366&bih=617&dpr=1 Keith
  15. Except they don't have to have a front plate. Keith
  16. I think you still can. A Morgan 3 wheeler would be a step up from both! Keith
  17. To take your points in order - yes, either style of plates as the owner (registered keeper actually, there's no ownership records in the UK!) wished. - yes. Then it would be FEV 385L the next year, then 385M, etc. The suffix wouldn't 'change down' ie go back to J - if I get what you mean. -yes, only one gap. -yes - with a prefix or suffix it would be far more likely to be 3 letters/numbers, but not exclusively. I had a Mk1 Escort first registered as UNY 6G.... - "I assume there might be some regions in Britain where this quirky new car is less likely to have found a proud owner..." tbh, I wouldn't have thought so, there are quirky people all over the UK...!! I can't think of an example off the top of my head, but there were often instances where people would buy a new car hundreds of miles from where they lived just to get the local identifier on their reg. plates. - yes. I mentioned works Escort rally cars having FEV marks - they also had BEV, REV, MEV etc. HTH Keith
  18. I think, to summarise for @Bengalensis - 1. Up until 1/1/1973 cars would use silver/white letters and numbers on black plates. 2. These would from a dealer before 1966 be generally three letters/numbers - in 1963 the A sufffix was introduced which changed to a prefix when the usuable prefixes ran out. However historically different combinations of numbers and letters were used, the first being A 1 which I believe is still in use (on a Smart car in London?). So you could have ABC 123A, then ABC 123A. Then when the available prefixes ran out they changed to the current AA22 AAA format. This also introduced a new font style as the old one was too large to allow the combination to fit on the regulation plate size. 3. Any 'personal plate' can be transferred onto any car as long as it doesn't make such car look newer than it's date of first registration. It's what I do on most of my models - I 'buy' some kind of personal plate relevant to the car or myself, keeping within the 'rules' of display. A real example seen round here recently was an Audi TT with the reg MU51 CAL 4. Black plates were until 2015 only legal on cars registered pre 1/1/73. However the Dept of Transport made a mistake that year when they introduced the rule that vehicles over 40 years old didn't need an MOT test and they allowed such vehicles to also use black licence plates! This was changed in 2021 to say that only vehicles registerd before 1/1/1980 can display black plates. However any age of car can use white/yellow plates but it would be a strange owner that chose to do that on say a 1930's Bentley! So for a model - any vehicle first registered up until 31/12/79 can now use white/silver letters on black plates front and rear. If you're not building a period correct model just say it's a restored present day classic! Any car model later than this can use any combination of letters/numbers on a white front/yellow rear plate, as long as it's not making the car look newer than it is. So on my 350Z model I used 350 KR on reflective white/yellow plates as the car postdates one that can legally use black plates. This isn't to say that plate actually exists or was ever issued in real life mind, I just made it up!! There are standard fonts, spacings and registration plate sizes that 'must' by law be used. However there are exceptions that appear to have a 'blind eye turned' to them. Such as present day works rally cars registered in the UK, Mitsubishi Lancer Evos used to have smaller than regulation front plates to prevent cooling problems, etc. Also, I believe 'stick on' plates are now technically illegal but you still see plenty of cars using them. One final thing is that DVLA can withold the issue of a plate if it is deemed to be 'offensive' or 'abusive'. To my mind, if you stick to these 'rules' on a model you'd have to have a real 'anorak' pick you up on it and say it's wrong!! HTH Jorgen Keith
  19. We called them registration marks which were placed on llcence plates when I worked in DVLA.... (which was a long time ago!) Not that it makes any difference to a model, it used to be that the vehicle that the plate is to be transferred off had to hold a valid MOT. I guess now that vehicles over 40 years old don't need MOT's that might have gone by the board, unless you have to get the car tested before you can transfer the plate? The point was to ensure that the vehicle actually existed and wasn't just a pile of rust in a field somewhere! I'd guess it's somewhere near Boreham as quite a few works Escorts used EV, including quite a few FEV's @Bengalensis - if you want a cure for insomnia, the complete official rules for the format and display of number plates etc can be found in this document; https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1068365/inf104-vehicle-registration-numbers-and-number-plates.pdf Keith
  20. Stunning work, really lovely model! Keith
  21. That's not something you see every day - really nice build of an interesting car! Keith
  22. Do you think that's what's happened to the Ascona 400 kits too Gary...??!! I'm still waiting for them to announce a state of the art Mk2 Escort. But I'll have likely shuffled off this mortal coil before it arrives if they do...!! Keith
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