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  1. 8 hours ago, TonyW said:

    I use silicon rubber for the actual moulds and two part liquid resin for the parts. The rubber is fairly rigid, although it can be bent to help release the moulded pieces. 



    Same stuff I use Tony;


    8 hours ago, TonyW said:

    Are you making your moulds with enough side support? For a wheel I'll make a dam about an inch bigger all round so the shape of the wheel has something to hold it in place while you pour the resin.


    I think that could well be it, been a while since I've done any moulding but I'm thinking I tend to make the dam just above the level of the top of the wheel mould. Cheers for that :)


    Despite you saying it's a crafty photo angle, the glazing on the gold car looks really good, and miles better than what probably came in the kit.


    And a good bit of scratch repair on the blue machine!






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  2. 5 minutes ago, Andy J said:

    Nope not for me I have more than enough Porsche kits


    So have I, but it doesn't stop me wanting the Alpha models 992 911 that Hiroboy has in new products today! But I'd be living out in the garage with it if 'er indoors caught me buying it! 🤣

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  3. 17 minutes ago, MR2Don said:

    So, be honest this time, which is the better looker?


    Absolutely no contest - and it isn't that bloated German thing next to the pretty Toyota! Looks like you could park the MR2 in its engine bay!



    2 minutes ago, Neddy said:

    Is it me or is there something well wrong with the Merc's grille centrepiece?


    I thought someone's nicked the badge?



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  4. 1 hour ago, desert falcon said:

     I was thinking more of going in the direction of a personalized 911.


    Fine idea, a man after my own heart! Oh to have the money to do a real one! :)


    1 hour ago, desert falcon said:

    This is where we stand at the moment, call it “outlaw” if you like. 


    I like!! :nodding:


    Although personally I'd be tempted with orange decals too - or white wheels with the white stickers, as a sort of homage to a 73 RS. 


    I've got a stalled 'in progress' Tamiya 930 Turbo in which I've removed the 'bellows' at the end of the bumpers (sanded and filled them) and also sanded off the raised black rubber trim pieces on the bumper, and left off the rear 'over-riders'. Gives the car a 911SC RS look. I think that would look good on a standard body G model, especially without the rear spoiler?




    Looking forward to whatever you choose!




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  5. 19 minutes ago, Windy37 said:

    then as it turned out , a 4x4 version could have been made for Group A


    The Escort Cossie took on that role pretty well though Gary, though I agree the RS1700T would have been an interesting Grp A car! When I first really got interested in rallying the Mk1 Escort had just been introduced - and led to my life long love for those and Mk2's! Other favourite cars (among many others!) from those days are the Avenger/Sunbeam, Firenza/Magnum, Saab 99 Turbo,Ascona/Manta, Fiat124/131, Minis and oddities like the Skoda 110 and Morris Marina coupe!! 


    What I really liked at the time was that they were all really just modified road cars - ok the works teams had far better budgets than privateers, but with some talent (sadly lacking in my case!) a clubman could build a competitive car on a pretty limited budget - especially as the sport was so popular back then there were plenty of second hand parts available and the base cars were cheap - I never paid more than £450 for an Escort Mexico!! Unfortunately those days are long gone!



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  6. 1 hour ago, AdrianMF said:

    I tend to pile on a lot of flock


    Adrian, are we talking about flocking powder or static grass? I use the latter on my bases and agree you do get a lot more loose fibres after sticking it down. I may well be wrong (nothing new there) but think the flocking powder I use in car models and static grass for bases are two different types of materials?



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  7. 10 hours ago, AdrianMF said:

    I would give it a good hard flick or two on the back before closing up, just to get any loose stuff off before you close it up and it all gets static attracted to the windows when you polish them.



    Have to admit I've never had that happen (famous last words!) 🤣


    As I said I use wet enamel paint or varnish as the adhesive. Apply the flock with a tea strainer over a box lid to catch the excess flock and make it easier to return to its container, Turn the flocked parts upside down and tap the reverse to remove any loose fibres. Repeat process on any bare patches. Again famous last words, but once dry I've never had loose flock floating about :)





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