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  1. Fingers crossed! 


    Being pearl shouldn't make any difference though as it's just the size of the mettalic flakes - maybe Zero thinned it too much?


    If you haven't done the spoon test yet, what about spraying one with grey primer and double the number of coats you've put on the body to see if that makes a difference, if it does you might get away with having to re-prime it in white?



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  2. Worth a try indeed, but personally I don't see it working (although I'd love to be proven wrong!) -I've sprayed quite a few blue metallic cars and always used grey primer. Only time I've used white under blue is under lighter ones like Gulf blue or Ford Olympic blue.


    Really hope Spiny has come up with a solution though!



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  3. Well I know you said you didn't want to decant again, but maybe decant that Tamiya blue & lightly blow it over. I know it won't be pearl but you could always use a pearl clearcoat? 


    Or have you got a scrap body to spray in that madas blue and see if a gloss coat does darken it significantly?


    Last suggestion - to me the real car looks closer to Subaru Mica Blue than that Zero paint - got any of that? I know it won't be 'right', but I don't think it is now....



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  4. Looking good matey!!


    Have to admit I'm getting lazy in my old age - I've just reprimed the 'lost' Cayman shell I found a week or so back and just used Hycote car primer straight out of the can - warmed it up before shaking it to death and fitted it with a small Tamiya nozzle. I honestly can't see any difference between it and when I airbrush Mr. Surfacer (although that may be more of a statement of my airbrushing 'skils'....!! 🤣)



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