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  1. Hi Keith,

    I just saw on Ced’s Catalina thread that you’ve not been feeling too good recently, I hope it’s nothing serious and that you’re back to normal soon.


    Stay safe.


    John :dog:

    1. keefr22


      Hi John,


      Many thanks for the message, luckily it's not the 'Chinese Flu' (as a certain American President would have it) just a flare up of my long term health condition that left me feeling completely fatiqued and wiped out for a few days. Mostly back to ''normal'' now - whatever that is?! :)


      Thanks again and hope you and yours are all well,






  2. Hi Keith, I hope you don't mind but I'm assuming that this is something like a direct messaging service for members ? I'm not great with technology so thought I'd give it a go and chose your good self as a test out so to speak.

             Regards Andy

    1. keefr22


      Don't mind at all Andy, but have to admit it's a new one on me too! I don't know, but think it may be visible to anyone, so not really a DM (or PM (personal message)) if you're old school like me! I'll send you a PM now so you can see what one's like



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