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  1. Have to admit I've never had that happen (famous last words!) As I said I use wet enamel paint or varnish as the adhesive. Apply the flock with a tea strainer over a box lid to catch the excess flock and make it easier to return to its container, Turn the flocked parts upside down and tap the reverse to remove any loose fibres. Repeat process on any bare patches. Again famous last words, but once dry I've never had loose flock floating about Keith
  2. Beat me - mine were mid 60's - unfortunately they all went for recycling recently together with my other favourites Flying Review International and Aircraft Illustrated, didn't have room to keep them anymore wih a planned future 'downsizing'..... Keith
  3. Ah, that brings back memories, one of my favourite mags! Keith
  4. Another really cracking rally car emerges off your bench Gary, really top work all round! Enjoyed watching it come together in the build thread too! Keith
  5. brilliant! I'll let you off with a hundred lines - ''I will not be late again, never ever'' .... !! Seriously though, many thanks for your kind comments Chris, very much appreciated I really am still surprised that so many like it when by the end I was completely sick of the sight of the thing! K
  6. Hi Pete, I've dabbled a bit in model railways too and to me scatter would be much too coarse to use for carpets. I did think of maybe using static grass as I've got piles of the stuff left over, but even the 2mm stuff is bigger than the flocking. To my eyes anyway An alternative to flocking that Tony might like to try is embossing powder that looks even finer. Keith
  7. KIng 68 with King 69 in trail just went over - 2 x HC130J Combat KIng II's. Unfortunately really cloudy so could only hear them
  8. Even slimmer with the full face helmets they wear! I do like that green, another very imaginative scheme! Keith
  9. Snap! Although I think I need at least another 3 to 400 years at my build rate...!! We're thinking of 'downsizing' in the next few years so I've spent the morning re-arranging the stash to try and get everything in my model room. And failed miserably....!! So if you do see another Smer Tiggie, please don't say anything! K
  10. That's superb Alistair, really great work on them both! Looks like an excellent pair of models, a state of the art, 21st century recreation of the old Frog boxing of the same two aircraft I built back in the dark ages! Not only are the kits light years better, so are your builds of them! Top modelling! Keith
  11. Thanks Chris, that's very kind of you I haven't got the new Airfix kit, and tbh being a glutton for punishment if I ever see another Smer kit for the same price (£3...!!!) I'd love another go at it! Keith
  12. Morning Chris, all this talk of Tiggies reminded me of this - an old build (retirement gift for my wife's boss) - but for some reason one of my all time favourites. It's the ancient Smer 1/48 kit that needed a bit of work but I really enjoyed it - didn't want to give it away in the end! Will remove if you don't want it cluttering up your thread Keith
  13. I've used flocking on all my road car builds for donkey's years. You're right that it can't really be 'seen' when the model is finished, but to my eyes it somehow gives a better perception of carpet than paint does for some reason. Or maybe I'm just fooling myself...!! To stick it down I use either enamel paint of a similar colour to the flock, or satin or gloss varnish. Keith
  14. That is a real beauty John, your finish looks absolutely spot on for a race bike of that era - really excellent modelling all round! I'd also love to see you build one with the engine on display that would be brilliant! Keith
  15. More terrific work on the old beast Chris, this will be a really impressive result from the Matchbox kit! Keith
  16. That's a very nice looking motor already! I knew the word - it's also the thing that stops the hairs falling off a hairy stick! - but I didn't know about those that make perfect looking intake trumpets, shall have to find some of those! Great tip! Good work so far - brakes and wheels are a big improvement too! Keith
  17. Don't know if you've seen this Gary, if not it's an entertaining 5 minutes! Keith
  18. Oh no - hope you haven't killed it..... Because it's far too good for that - cracking job again Gary! Keith
  19. Is there an echo in here....?!
  20. As the kit is going to be a race car, this might be more use? https://www.carandclassic.com/car/C1456118 It'll save scratchbuilding that lovely Vitesse interior! K
  21. So that's what Trumpyboss use to design their kits....??!! Like the P.1 on the cover art though! Keith
  22. Personally I always paint my sump guards as I never turn my finished models upside down (it also hides my usual shabby paintwork on underside details! ) Your underside details are looking very nicely done. Keith
  23. Yes indeed, those were the days! Keith
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