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  1. Ha ha ha.... Cracking pics again James,superb stuff! Agree on the 757's too - especially the 300's with winglets, one of my favourite ever airliners. Taken to watching a number of live U.S airport streams recently and it's great to see Delta and United still using them - and 763's too! Keith edit: is it just my eyes or is the nosecone 'whiter' on all of the BA jets, especially noticeable on WA....?
  2. Astonishing modelling Tony resulting in THE most accurate 1/72 Sea Vixen - ever! Cracking job! Keith
  3. Amazing Tony. Just that, amazing..... Keith
  4. Much whiter I'd say Nick, I've had cars in both and frozen I think is dazzling in comparison! Unfortunately I no longer have a diamond RS2 to park alongside for a comparison pic!! Keith
  5. That's superb, I really like that! Top job! Keith
  6. We were expecting you Mr. Bond..... K
  7. Unfortunately so do Shunko, which look brilliantly printed but are absolute rubbish!! I have heard a number of good reports anout the SK ones though so hopefully they work well (very hopefully as I have more than a couple of their sheets!! ) K
  8. Could I ask you a question Matt? The three flights we had on 767's were all in the good old days pre-9/11 when you could ask to visit the flightdeck and if you had an amenable captain this would always be granted. On our last flight to Florida we had a really good flightcrew and as no other passengers seemed to want to go up front the Captain and F.O. let my son and I stay for a good hour and half! I asked the Captain whether it bothered him flying long overwater trips in a twin - turned out he was an ex FAA Gannet pilot and he said he was well used to flying over the ocean with one engine shut down! Anyway, he then said the only time he'd had to divert (into Iceland) was when all but one of the toilets became inoperative and either CAA (or company, don't recall which) regulations mandated a minimum number to be usable depending on pax load. I always assumed it was true but also wonder if he was pulling my leg! So is it actually a thing....?! Keith
  9. Bright white with an orange nose...?! Keith
  10. Now you're talking -that RS2 print is lovely (and the Delta isn't bad either!) Good choice on black for the interior, looks really good! Just hope the Texaco decals work as good as they look! K
  11. ...you're paranoid Terry....!! Me too though, I never trust myself not to get overspray either and end up using a ton of masking tape! I'm still looking for the 'I'm so jealous' icon about you getting to fly in that lovely little aeroplane! And talking about lovely - that's what your Sabre collection is - lovely little jets, all of them! Keith
  12. I'll be following along too if I may Matt, for some reason (apart from the 747 of course!) it's my favourite widebody (might be that the three times we took the kids to Florida it was on 767's, but not BA!) I like most of the World Tails (Chelsea Rose is very nice) but some do confuse me - if you hadn't said the second was Sweden and I'd have had to guess a country just by looking at the tail, I'd have said Mexico....!!! There's a thread running in the Civil discussion section regarding the 'dirty' white on Chelsea Rose and the contrast with her bright white nose cone. I weighed in with some vague ideas on how to replicate it, but also that I was recently watching a Youtube live stream from LAX and a BA 777 pitched up and had exactly the same contrast between a bright white nose and 'dirty' white fuselage. I also remember reading somewhere Boeing (at the time of reading it) offered 49 different whites (and you just have to look at the paint racks in Halfords to see the car makers interpretation of 'white'...!!) I may be teaching granny to such eggs but in these cases I cut out a couple of rectangles of plasticard and tape them to the fuselage either side of the gear leg - not foolproof (ask this fool how he knows!) but works most of the time. No idea how good they are, but Braz offers resin 767 RB211's Keith
  13. Oh good grief, this is as good an advert to not buy a kit as I think I've ever seen.... And as I looked at the first pic I thought you'd really beaten it into submission Matt and it was coming on really nicely - then the second one... Real shame as it's a good looking aeroplane. Keith
  14. Oh no, it's the end of the world as we know it......
  15. Marvelous work Chris - that huge close up shows just how good your brushed yellow paintwork is, and that is some lovely detailing on the wipers! TBH if you hadn't mentioned them I wouldn't have seen anything wrong with the wing roundels (and I'm actually still not sure I do now!) Keith Edit - forgot to say - nice work on the RWD, pretty little model!
  16. It is a real iconic scheme, it's one I plan to do one day. Whatever you do make sure it's the SK decals you get and NOT those gawdawful Shunko rubbish ones! Some inspiration; http://www.speedhunters.com/2012/07/up-close-and-personal-with-fords-group-a-great/ K
  17. Forgot to say - the SK decals for the Sierra look lovely on the sheet, the colours of the Texaco decals are really vivid and much better colour than the ones in the Tamiya kit (if you find one of them!) K
  18. It is indeed correct. Andy Rouse built the Labbatts and Kaliber cars and they were RHD while the Texaco car was LHD. They were all RS500's as per the Tamiya kit. If you're interested, the Rouse cars also differed from the Eggenberger built Texaco car by having the battery cut out and extinquisher handle in a neat little cut out on the left front wing - you can see it just after the 'please' on the decal instructions. Also, you know that XR4i kit you bought.... Always hoped someone would do a transkit for that one, but no-one did. K
  19. Nice! I've got two, but one's missing the clear parts.... Looking forward to seeing that one built Andy! Did the decals come with the resin right hand drive dash that should have been included? https://www.hiroboy.com/124_Ford_Sierra_RS500_Kaliber_22_1_Decal_Tamiya_cw_Resin_Dash--product--12812.html K
  20. Yeh, get on with it, stop keeping us all in suspense as to what the colour ends up looking like....!!! Like the grubbiness on the running gear Andy, really neat work! Being a Lancia all it needs now is some rust holes in the floor....!! K
  21. Another stunning build from your workbench Mr.lin, gorgeous paintwork once again! Keith
  22. Do you know, despite all the performance and rally prepared Mk1 and 2 Escorts I owned, my little white Mk2 XR2 Fester was probably my favourite too - it handled like a little go cart when the suspension was aligned properly and it had good tyres fitted, brilliant little thing!! Keith
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