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  1. "To lend" meaning to found a factory in the Shizuoka area which can produce a big run. Hasegawa schedulde seems pretty tight, they have a lot of references to product each month.
  2. Really? They used to lend some moulds for others brands, typically Revell. They do the same now with those eastern european brands like Eduard and Hobby 2000, not a new trend. It's not a matter of be unable to reissue a kit, it's a matter of schedulde, those mould aren't used by hasegawa, so they lended them to others brands.
  3. Anycubic Photon (OG) owner here, it's a no-brainer. The Mono SE have dual-rail and a solid metal case. The Elegoo got none. Wifi will bring you nothing IRL, USB stick are way safer. But a solid metal case is a ideal support for tons of upgrades.
  4. I think some Hasegawa kits are only aimed for and sold in their domestic market. Most of their JASDF aircrafts boxings (special edition in particular) are designed and named in Japanese (see the box side). For this kind of kits, yes, english translation is very basic. Hasegawa P-3 have raised panel lines, so a re-tool isn't possible. New mold for a 1/72 P-3 is highly unlikely. Hasegawa is japanese importer for Revell, who got a 1/72 F-22. So they know perfectly how much a 1/72 F-22 people buy in Japan.
  5. I'm following some early chinese WIP, like this one: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/7218800355 To know if I will pull the trigger or not. And I've already got the F-35A and don't remember having these kind of situation: Looks like this kit is a step behind their F-35.
  6. There's something wrong on the spine too. It supposes to blend smoothly at his end, on the kit transitions seem to be sharp, almost a crease. Fit of the ECS exhausts parts is definitely not Tamiya like, noticeable gap visible. And panel lines look heavy, it may be the picture quality.
  7. I think the fact they never show a whole pictorial of the parts and a build of the kit, is a bad omen.
  8. As Tamiya and others japanese manufacturers, Hasegawa print the MRSP (price) on the kit's box. So, no the price of old Hasegawa kits don't change, the only change you can see, it's for some new boxing with new decals +resin/PE or markings made by Cartograf. The truth is some japanese kits importers are just bad. We have the same here, Tamiya kits 'price are horrific too. But since few years, Revell is the importer of Bandai kits, like Gundam and some SW (the good ones). And guess what? the price are pretty competitive. Proof that it's possible.
  9. This kit price and his box will be in the same range and size than the Tomcat ones. So expect a MRSP near 5800 yens in Japan. It's an error to use an UK preorder price for a japan kit as an reference.
  10. It's the kit with panel lines made more visible with Tamiya Panel Accent, and painted canopy parts.
  11. it makes no sense. I'm curious to know which resin reacts this way.
  12. A way better review than the Flory's one, with better part shots: Parts, details and rivets are really nice and fine, it's really the HB A-team.
  13. - which IPA do you use? You'd better use 99% IPA. And the most efficient process is called 2 bath process. - 1rst wash with already used 99% IPA, to wash most of the uncured resin. - 2nd wash with brand new or nearly brand new 99% IPA, to wash the most intricate uncured resin.
  14. The 2 only blocking points for me were the surface it takes and if it was a HB A team project. Hobbyboss A team Wingfold and workable options.
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