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  1. Alex, The stack of fish are mission markings from the "Cod War" between Iceland and the UK in 1975. Iceland declared a 200 mile limit which the UK contested and tried to ignore with both sides using some aggressive seamanship to intimidate. Put simply, the limit was eventually recognised by the UK and they lived happily ever after. Vincent
  2. My second Hastings submission, a "Cod War" T5 to follow my previous C1. This is a Welsh Models solid resin kit whilst the C1 was a vacuun formed kit. It is 1/144 scale and the markings are my own productions. Little more to say. The kit goes together nicely, taking care in mating the flying surfaces to the fuselage. I drill and insert brass rod rather than depend upon a straight butt joint. Some filling with Milliput to blend it all together and make ready for painting the scheme that you see below. A lot quicker to build than the vacform but not as versatile for doing modifications. Vincent
  3. Einar, A classic airliner in a classic scheme and yet another of your top class models. Those Alitalia stripes were worth the effort and added expense. Vincent
  4. Thank you all for the kind remarks and encouragement. I was a long way off this result when I belatedly decided to open up the cargo doors and then realised that I had to cut the fuselage to fit a floor. It was a critical move and it might have ended up as another unfinished, might have been. Now I am so pleased that I kept going with it, especially in respect of your comments. Vincent
  5. This is the vacuum formed version of Welsh Model's Hastings modified with open doors and dropped flaps. The laser markings are of my own making with the addition of silk screen decals. My first submission, be kind. Vincent
  6. How I look forward to the appearance of your familiar table and balcony. It is always graced with such well produced models in attractive schemes and this is one of the best. Well done yet again. Vincent
  7. Hello Marek, Just revisited my Blackburn Beverley project. My sympathy if you are having problems in producing the photetch. Is there still hope? - or should I continue building my model without it. Many thanks Vince
  8. Nice work Marek, Before I order, is there any news of the Beverley photoetch yet? Thanks Vincent
  9. Not conclusive but this link to a metal collectors model suggests walkways and gives info regarding wing lettering placement https://www.hobbydb.com/catalog_items/air-china-b-737-2t4a-caaf6ea2-2582-45d8-8f50-1238b301654b Looking forward to seeing it completed Vincent
  10. The fuselage to wing joint does not appear to be an issue if one looks at the prototype parts on the Welsh Models site. http://www.welshmodels.co.uk/vanguard.html Each resin wing includes half of the under fuselage wingbox and these butt together. The fuselage is then cradled between the two wings and should form a very strong lap joint, to use a woodworking term. I might just move up from 1/144 for this one. Vince
  11. I had an e-mail off him this very morning regarding the forthcoming CASA 212 in Evergreen markings. He is at home and very busy with his business and looking after his wife, Trish, who is unwell. Suggest that you try again to set up your order, he might have missed it, or, is still to get to it. He is due to ring me later and I will mention this correspondence. Vince
  12. Epic build and paint job, Leon. I enjoyed following its progress through to its wonderful conclusion. Looking forward to seeing it close up in the October Cardiff Club meeting. Vince
  13. Alan You are very welcome to use the file if I can find it and then copy it. Since 2007 I have changed computer and operating system which will not run my beloved Freehand software. So it will be one step at a time on this one - find, check and then find a way of copying it. I have just taken a break from eating Santa's chocolate and gone through my paper files and found the reference material which I accumulated in 2007. You are quite welcome to this also. I will send a personal message to establish mail contact. Enjoy the day. Vince
  14. Regarding extra registrations for the Air Southwest DHC-8. I produce this decal sheet for Welsh Models. Densil has just returned from a short break and we have just discussed your request. I will be pleased, on behalf of Densil, to produce the extra registrations and send you a set. As it happens the registration lettering style on the additional four aircraft is different to the G-WOWD supplied. Your model is looking good so far. I enjoyed putting this one together myself although I never quite finish it, as I strip off each scheme to test fit the subsequent one. Vince
  15. Sorry, quite right it was 1/72. Whatever, my decal artwork can be enlarged within reason. Vince
  16. I must plead to guilty for this one and it was converted from the Welsh Models kit. I still have the Macromedia Freehand file for the Queensland decal which I could re scale to 1/96. I must plead to guilty for this one and it was converted from the Welsh Models kit. I still have the Macromedia Freehand file for the Queensland decal which I could re scale to 1/96. Vince
  17. Hi, A possible guide is the Airwaves 1/144 scale set on the Hannant's site http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AEC44003 and use the PDF link to the instruction document. This photo-etch is only £4.99 so might be worth bying as a pattern to scale up! Vincent
  18. In 1/144 the Welsh Models HP Herald has been available for several years. Multi-media kit vac formed, resin and white metal parts. It goes together really well, I shortened mine to a 100. The Welsh Hermes (SL 143P) was released just this month in Silver City markings - I have yet to see this kit.
  19. Unfortunately we do not have a web site but I have been in touch with Hilton Jones to find out more about his 1/72 conversion of the Dash 8 to Dash 7. In general terms this is what he remembered from 2001 - Fuselage - the starting point was to produce a new keel out of plastic card. Dash 8 fuselage sections were attached to this to form the Dash 7 fuselage cross-section. The incidence of the tailplane was altered together with a slight increase in chord. The nose was from an Airfix F27, reshaped and blended into the fuselage. Wings- these also came from the F27 with only a relatively small addition to the span. Modifications to produce the required chord involved much rebuilding of the trailing halves of the wings. Engines - came from an Airfix Lancaster with much rehaping in the mediums of plastic card and Milliput. U/C - was scratch built using brass/aluminium tube and rod. Wheels form F27 Obviously a lot of detailed work went into this project including the final rescribing of the control surfaces. Hilton wrote a short article on this build in the April 2001 edition of the Airliner SIG Nesletter. It shows that if you want something badly enough you can do it! Vincent
  20. oops! Yes there was a 1/72 conversion on the Cardiff Stand. It was produced by Hilton Jones who is the ultimate kit basher. I forget what bits of which aircraft went into the conversion but I remember that the engines were scratch built using plastic card and Milliput. I have built the Sasquatch kit, it was so good it nearly flew .... against the wall. Still we got there in the end and it looks ok for one of my efforts of 10 years ago. I was speaking with Densil of Welsh Models just two weeks ago and he is still working on his 1/144 DHC-7. No specific timescale as yet.
  21. Lovely model Mike, superb finish and nice to see an african subject. Looking forward to your next one! Vince CWL
  22. A great job, what a good first submission, very clean and sharp. I am keen to see what will flow from your pipeline in future. What process, software, paper and printer, do you use? Vince
  23. Olivier, This is a very nice piece of work and a fitting tribute to the demise of Northwest. Vince
  24. I like this very much and the Beatles variation is a nice touch, it really is a reminder of how long ago it was! Are the decals of your own making? I am have the the FEResin 1/144 kit which I want to do as a civvie so looking at various BEA schemes and Sabena. Thanks for the view and inspiration. Vince
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