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  1. I found that if you treat them like "normal" decals they work fine. They settle in with a dollop of micro-set/sol. They are thin enough not to worry about taking the carrier film off. I tried it on one set of roundels and damaged the surface, put a spare (eduard) roundel over the top, left the film on, and you can not tell. Tim
  2. Yes, you are right. I was going to use the Barracuda resin wheels, but due to various factors (life etc) I ended up using the kit wheels and missed that step out. I'll fix that some time Tim
  3. well that question had me scrabbling for the reference books to make sure Yes, they are on the right way round. Tim
  4. Another Sword Lighning kit finished. Nice little kits that build well with a bit of effort. This was built as a double build with the Mk2 version to complete the 1/2/3/T4/T5/6 set. These take a bit of effort to line everything up, but its worth the effort. Decals for this came from the kit. Not sure where the nose intake blank came from (may be airfix?). nose probe Master, nose wheel Barracuda along with the Red Tops. Various Alclad shade for the bodywork. Tim
  5. I built this along with its Mk3 companion as a double build to finish the 1/2/2a/3/T4/T5/6 set. Anyway, nice little kit. Plently of detail in the cockpit, resin engine nozzles. As usual with these kits a bit of fiddling needed to get everything lined up. I replace the ejection seat with a Barracuda version. Master nose probe. Nose wheel and strut Barracuda as the kits were short-shots. I based this kit on photos of one of the 19 Squadron aircraft fitted with the 30mm weapons pack for something a bit different. The markings and codes came mainly from the spares box. The blue/white checks I did by paining the blue and using white checks from fantasy printshop on top. Alclad in various shades for the metalwork. Anyway onto the pics - Tim
  6. I wanted to get this one out the way before Eduard bring out their MkV or it would never get finished. I added the gun bays on one side from Eduard (I'll save the other side for another day, drilling out one wing was bad enough). The prop and spinner were left overs from the Eduard MkI Spitfire boxing. As were the wheels and hubs. And aerial. The 20mm barrels were from Master. A big improvement on the originals. The decals were from AML. The paint was Humbrol. 29 for the dark earth. I used 93 for the light earth. Probably not exact, but it was close enough and all I had in the collection. The Azure blue was mixed using the old Humbrol "Colour System" (#34x49 drops + #25x10 drops + #33x1 drop). Luckily they give the conversion of drops to ml. Enough waffle onto the pics. Tim
  7. You beat me to it, definatly a see through quality (to go with the knickers?) Tim
  8. I'm trying to remember how I did it, but plenty of non fogging super glue came into it. Just found some old photos. I joined fusalage, masked inside and out on glass and painted interior. Then glued each half on in turn getting as best a fit as I could. Some trimming was required to get a good fit. Plenty of test fitting needed. Don't forget to take the interior masking off lower down that is hard to reach before glueing. That caused me some head scrathing Tim
  9. This is the Bandai 1/72 B-Wing. Built from the box and added the lighting unit for the engines (at £2.50 from HK it was not a hard desision). The paints I used were mixed so they "looked about right". The photos make them look a little darker than reality. A fun build. Tim
  10. The only thing not in the kit is the external gun camera. Everything else as at it comes in the box. Tim
  11. It’s Edwards attempt to show where the yellow ring that is seen on the first spitfires was painted over. I um’ed and ar’ed if to use them. It would be better to use a slightly different shade of paint to show this than the decals. Live and learn. Tim
  12. So here is my attempt at Eduards early Spitfire MKI. I wanted to cram as many early features onto the kit as I could. So - 2 blade prop; flash suppressors on guns; external gun camera; "ring pull" entry door opener; no cover over fuel tank behind the engine; un-armoured wind screen; ring/bead gun sight; flat canopy; pole aerial; parachute guard on fin. Probably others. Kit went together beautifully, only my ham-fistedness getting in the way. I modified the decals to PM-H rather than M. I had a profile from an old(!) copy of SAM (yes, I know, probably should not have trusted a profile) but it showed it had the aluminium control surfaces, so it had to be done. The external gun camera was hacked from a spare piece of resin based on what images I could find and a couple of references on this site. Not sure I am a fan of these new decals from Eduard. I did have a go at removing the top layer of varnish. This lead to one of the roundels on the wing being damaged, so had to use a spare to cover it. As these are so thin you can not tell. Pain was my usual mix of Alclad primer for the black and white undersides, humbrol 29 for the brown and colourcoats for the green. Anyway, onto the photos. Camera and PC playing up, so these are not as good as I'd like. Tim
  13. Some good shots here - https://www.thunder-and-lightnings.co.uk/lightning/walkaround.php An of course on our very own site - Tim
  14. Go with the strawberry and cream mate. you know it makes sence Tim
  15. Don't forget Martin, that this is just a hobby, and you don't owe the reprobates that inhabit/infest this site anything. Your health takes first priority. We will still be here to take the piddle give valuable support when you are ready Tim
  16. Is it me being stupid (quiet at the back!) or does KH-T have the invasion stripes on one side of the fuselage, but not the other? Tim
  17. The black is Alcad black primer. to lazy to paint things twice Besides it not quite totally black, so looks a better that really black paint (if you see what I mean). The brown is good old Humbrol 29 and the green is from the Colourcoats range. WWII Dark Green I think . Tim
  18. Thats good. Damn it, makes me want to do one. its not like I don't have anyything else in the stash to do .................................... Tim
  19. With a bit of effort I've pushed this one through the finishing gate. Need to make a simple base so I can add the figures properly. Went to the trouble of paining them, so may as well. This the Airfix kit with the CMK Wellington figures and Techmod decals. I replaced the gun barrels with some metal Master versions (rather nice). The bomb bay was filled with some extra 500lbers from the Whitley kit and some resin SBC from Belcher Bits. The decals were lovely and thin, but oh so brittle. Spent ages carefully putting them back together and patching up the gaps with (almost) matching paint. On to the pics. Tim
  20. Glad this one is back on track. But its never 4 years since you started this, I won't beleive it. Tim
  21. Me, Impatient? how dare you sir! Just get on with it. Thank Gill for me for her kind offer (you could learn a thing or two..........), but I'm not sure there are enough turnips aboard for a true Baldrick. Tim
  22. Pass on my birthday congrats. something to say you have survived another year especially as it 2020! Tim
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