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  1. I'm just down the road in Wantage, so know it well. A scurry eh? not sure then that nugget will be of use again . not much we can do about the age issue. Oh, yes. tempting, but bending those to shape will be "fun". could use the kit parts as a template. What amazes me is the lack of expression on the young lads face! doesn't seem a bit bothered by the entire experience. Tim
  2. The General did this very conversion - May be contact him to see what was involved. My guess is not much. Tim
  3. Well, I was only going to build one of Airfix's Chipmunks, a 6-AEF one based at Abingdon or Benson due to the local connection and the White Horse on the badge. Whats not to like. I was planning on using the markings in the Xtradecal set X48221 for the 6 AEF markings. However, while looking at the decals the set of day-glow markings for an all grey plane just screamed out that it needed using. One order later, and it was a double build. WG431, of Glasgow & Strathclyde University Air Squadron and WB550, 'D' of 6 Air Experience Flight. One from the '60's and one from the '90's. Lovely little kits. Removed the locating pins on the wings as advised by other builds. I used the Eduard space set on WB550 and the Kits World set for WG431 (one was 4 point, the other 5 point harnesses.) I was going to re-scribe the early battery access hatches on WG431, but didn't, and didn't add the strengthening plate just behind the engine on WB550. I did add the UHF aerial on WG431. Its a shame someone does not make thinner engine access panels for this kit. The ones provided are so over scale. Other than that it was all fairly plain sailing. I did try using the Humbrol 174 as advised in the instructions, but it looked to orange to me, so gave it a thin over-spray of 16. Looks better to my eyes anyway. On to the pics. * If you are wandering about the "jump, Jonny, Jump" watch the delightful video linked at the end Tim
  4. Thanks for your input Troy, very interesting. Now I’ve looked at that photo many times, and until you pointed it out, I’ve never twigged that the exhausts look different. Todays learning experience . Tim
  5. This is the special hobby boxing of the Eduard Tempest II. Lovely kit to build, almost a perfect fit. I kept changing my mind as to which marking to finish it in, but in the end I went with the 33 squadron aluminum finish. I've now purchased an overtrees kit from Eduard so I can do one of the others with the spare decals. I tried to get the batty worn look the one photo I found of the aircraft has, where the camouflage is starting to show through the aluminum sprayed over the top. could have done more, but live and learn. And yes, the rockets should have a coloured band on them, but i wimped out at that point Tim
  6. Very true Selwyn, but it could be in that position for servicing https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205210136 Tim
  7. The roundel on the wing has the blue darker than the red. the gas detection patch is quite light. Shame they didn't have digital cameras back then :-)
  8. Ah, now the yellow tips was a point I pondered over for some time. Agreed that that was the normal way of things. The photo I linked to on the IWM site does not appear to show yellow tips. I don't think its orthocromic film (which would make the yellow appear black) as the aircraft in the background don't have dark yellow rings on their roundels. A few other photos of the night fighter Defiant's appear to not show the yellow tips, but the quality of the photos is not great. I'm happy to be proved wrong and could add them. Tim
  9. If they had fitted interrupter gear to the guns so they could fire when positioned forward as they are, who knows? Tim
  10. My daughter brought me this for Christmas (she found the idea of this aircraft being built, let alone used in action amusing. Yes she did a bit of googling about). I had already done the day fighter version, so went for the night fighter version. Stuck with the kit decals (hence the square swastika kill markings) and went with the aircraft code being "Y" (they give the option of it being "B") and chucked some resin and etch at it. Used the CMK engine set along with the eduard etch for the cockpit and master barrels for the guns. The finished model is loosely based round the photo here https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205210136. I used Alclad black primer overall with a few misted patches of darker black to break up the monotone. I went to the bother of masking the fabric areas on the flaps and rudder and spraying a lighter shade for the fabric, but you can hardly see the effect. Tim
  11. I'm pleased with how it turned out. Sometimes a kit that gives you a bit of a fight gives a better sense of satisfaction when done (as long as the kit does not win ) no reason why not! I had hoped that someone would have done some etch or resin or new decal sheet for this, but grew tired of waiting. glad I didn't wait Tim
  12. its a version that does make you wonder. The tank appears (assuming I have mounted it in the correct place) does block the ejection ports for one gun, so I assume that was removed? It also appears to block access to the assess panels for the ammunition for the guns either side of it. Were they fitted? Was the tank removed each time the ammunition was loaded? so many questions Ah well, I was just filling the gap left by the hand pump. teach me not to study the photos better.............
  13. I had a spare spitfire I from the Eduard "the few" boxing. I did the early version a while ago. What to do with the other one (and one with a damaged wing due a glue spill)? I didn't want another Mk I, so a rummage through the spares box(s) reveled a Mk IILR conversion (Pavla I think) with the asymmetric fuel tank. A trawl of the web showed that the codes included with the kit with a bit of modification (plus bits from said spares box(s)) would do for one of the relatively few LR versions that were produced (or at least close enough for my satisfaction). I scratched the undercarriage raising/lowering unit (whatever its called) as only the manual version is included in this boxing. Apart from that, a fairly straight forward build. The Eduard decals are the new ones that the varnish can be removed, so being a masochist, I did. Good old humbrol 29 for the dark earth and colourcoats for the rest. Now having the looked at the photos I see the IFF and aerial lines need retensioning. Ho Hum. Tim
  14. I finally set the camera up to photo some old builds. Finished the Sword 1/48 Meteor NF14 late last year! I was a bit disappointed with the contents of the box. Details was a bit lacking in several areas. In the end I used the Barracuda wide mouth engine intakes (which actually fit quite well even if not designed for this kit) and wheels; eduard generic seat belts; a fair bit of scratch in the cockpit; plus the odd aerial here and there. I had hoped it would be an easier build than the Classic Airframes NF11/13 I did some years ago. Not really. Probably my fault, but when I stuck the fuselage together it had a distinct banana shape to it, so had to cut one half to straighten it up. Usual mix of colourcoats and humbrol for the paint. kit decals. Anyway - onto the picks (PS no prizes for spotting the deliberate mistake with the squadron markings ) Tim
  15. As far as I remember (it was a couple of years ago, struggle to remember last week!) it fit OK. I'm sure I had some photos of it, but no luck finding them. did find this on the fone, not a great shot but should give you an idea - finished result (for T4) here Tim
  16. I've built all these and with a bit of care they build very nicely. Its the T4 and T5 that are a bit short in the nose. On mine I used the Quickboost nose ring (designed for the trumpeter kit) mounted a bit forward and filled the gap, so they matched the length of the single seaters. I moved the wheel well forward by 5mm to get the position right. Tim
  17. Nicely done young man. they do look rather good for a patchwork quilt Tim
  18. If (and its a very BIG if) you could find the Paragon resin conversion, that fits well with the Eduard MkVIII and would be the way to go - Tim
  19. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my eyes. starting bid of £10 not to post more Tim (wishing he had not browsed britmodeller at work and this post has a NSFW flag)
  20. Thanks martin, I'll have a browse.............................
  21. Unusually for me, no comment on the tingling tentacles, but more a question on what type of soldering iron do you use for these small bits? Tim
  22. I found that if you treat them like "normal" decals they work fine. They settle in with a dollop of micro-set/sol. They are thin enough not to worry about taking the carrier film off. I tried it on one set of roundels and damaged the surface, put a spare (eduard) roundel over the top, left the film on, and you can not tell. Tim
  23. Yes, you are right. I was going to use the Barracuda resin wheels, but due to various factors (life etc) I ended up using the kit wheels and missed that step out. I'll fix that some time Tim
  24. well that question had me scrabbling for the reference books to make sure Yes, they are on the right way round. Tim
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