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  1. hi all i always use the revell airbrush cleaner cleans enamel and acrylics with ease i always leave just a small drop in the airbrush and blow that out before using the next paint.

    i had a model that had been hand painted in humbrol gloss black enamel for about 5-6 years and i wanted to redo the model so i covered the model in bum roll lol and then soaked with the cleaner left for around 10-15 minutes and it virtually wiped off.


  2. Hi Erik if you look at the build you will see it has been wired up in the last two side veiws you can see the brake lines on the front as well as the back brake.

    glad you all like it as tonight it got all its finishing touches apart from a last polish up. just got to let the decals dry.

    so hopfully tommorrow will be a bright sunny day so i can get some nice pics.


  3. well lets start first pic of the box lid...


    and the work i have done so far...


    would have posted sooner but only just been able to log on to the site.

    as you can see changed the exhausts and customized the seat, reshaped the front fender and the rear one has been shortened by a few scale inches from under where the number plate goes.

    as the front forks had nasty seam lines and a hollow back to them i decided to strip the chrome. engine has been started as you can see.

    the look i am going for is very slightly tuned or customized how i would like it to have been.

    thanks for looking


  4. well its basically tamiya acrylics but i use zeros basecoat thinners to thin it it dries quicker and i think a better finish to the paint. the gold flake is a product called pearl ex mixed in to zeros one coat lacquer with a touch of tamiyas smoke sprayed .

    glad you all like it and steve you jammy dodger i'll keep it clean


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