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  1. @bzn20: My son looked at you post yesterday, and my reply, and he pointed out to me that one of the things I said in my reply didn't make sense: He suggested that if I had misaligned the front sections of the nacelles, because they are slightly tapered and therefore quite self centering, (given that only one or two of the prop tips were affected), it is far more likely I made a different & fundamental error. (In fact, he made me look a bit silly): He suggested (& I find myself agreeing with him) that, while I may have also not fixed the nacelle fronts on properly, I also, most probably MISJUDGED the placement of the motors themselves such that the shafts were aligned eccentrically. I can't believe I made such an error, but it seems that's what I did. My son also said I did the build far too quickly!
  2. I do my best work when my mind is boggled
  3. And, for those who haven't spotted it yet ... ...
  4. THE OTHER PROP SPINNING. Separating the halves (without the expected yet feared disaster).
  6. Has anyone spotted the obvious oddity yet?
  7. Few more pictures taken as if closer to ground level.
  8. That last post was my state of play as it was late last night (but I felt too tired to boot the computer on to post the picture). But, now, (as far as I want to go for now) ... ... The Valom Vickers Viking is FINISHED. LOTS of pictures to come.
  9. It took over an hour of tinkering to get the boarding steps right. (They're not perfect now, nut I have to stop somewhere). The plane is now close to being finished. (I think). (Fingers crossed).
  10. After I wired up the electrics earlier in this Valom Viking build to check it out, I discovered that if I reduce the voltage from 5V to 4.1V, the props rotate at a semsible speed. (At 5V, they spin fast enough to break the superglue bond and fire themselves across the room. One of my last jobs was to mount the buck converter to supply the 4.1V. I also added a timer relay so that when I start prop 1, prop 2 starts automatically after a minute (As a pilot of the real plane never tries to start both props at the same time).
  11. I rode in one for a few weeks in 1973. That one definitely tipped. It wasn't done often- mainly for maintenance. The guy who drove it told me a small dog got inside the tank once. (The way he described it, the dog was sucked in, but the man was a bit of a joker, so few people believed it).
  12. I made another discovery today: AI knew that most septic vacuum trucks are usually emptied by the tank tipping up and the back plate hinging, but it seems at least some have two large nozzles at the back- One as a subsidiary input, and one as a high pressure pump outlet. This gives me a wild idea. I'm not spoiling the surprise now (some of you will probably guess what I have in mind), but I'm going to have some fun with this diorama!!!
  13. Much of today has been painting passengers for the queue outside the plane. (Some time ago I acquired some Preiser 1/72 & 1/78 figures, and wondered at the time whether I'd ever find a use for them).
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