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  1. Excellent work Sir! The F-4G is my favorite subject. You've set the bar very high...
  2. Thats exactly what I remember. Old alert facility on the southside. 'New' facility on the Northwest side. The tree immediately east of the 'new' facility' became home for 20th OMS/20th AGS "Blue Bravo" section once the 'new' facility became active. I wore down a few sets of steel-toed boots tramping across that concrete
  3. Its now available for pre-order at Hannants as well. No price listed though. That Lucky Model price seems absurdly low given the price of Meng's F/A-18 kits. Hannants Pre-Order
  4. Yessir! And, following your input on filthy undersides, I took another peak at the belly of this one. I've decided it needs some more bench time soon for some 'enhancement'. Thank you Rich
  5. Thanks so much. I must have been having an old-timers moment when I wrote the original post. I meant to say Speed Hunter Graphics, not Furball. Great decals and many great choices to choose from. Thank you! Thanks. No such thing as too many Phantoms, eh?
  6. Thank you for your service and sharing your experience. I'll be doing her again in 1/32 and keep that advice in mind.
  7. Thanks Pete. Thats a tough choice and I've been there myself. Years ago I built a Hasegawa 1/48th F-4E and did #300 of the 57th. I forgot which decals I used but they had three or four 57th options. You can't go wrong with whichever you choose. They're all beautiful.
  8. Well done Sir. I admire your work. You've set the bar mighty high.... Challenge accepted I'm looking forward to building the same kit but I'll be doing VMFA-323 out of Chu Lai.
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