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  1. Really like this, love the base as well, every time I see one of these I think a warrior has shrunk in the wash!
  2. Thanks gents, I'm very pleased with it one of my best yet.
  3. Finished this a while ago but have only just got round to posting it. Its a kit of 2 halves, some new tooling and some not so new! Built almost out of the box with the following exceptions, Friul merkav mk3 tracks, and rb models .50 barrel and antenna mount. Also added the non slip with rustolium textured paint and .5mm masking tape! The tracks were blackened with am interactive burnishing fluid, paint is again my own mix of varying tones of IDF green/gray and the dust is ak dust effects enamel wash applied with my air brush. Thanks for looking Jon
  4. Hi all Finished this about a week ago, its Afv clubs shot cal with the following extras, afv club workable tracks, fire Strom resin tires to replace the hideous vynil ones in the kit, afv club Mantlet cover and a few bits of stowage from the spares box. The figure is an old verlinden white metal IDF tanker. Painted with my own mix of tamiya paints and weathered with oils. The scene is roughly based on a photo of shot cals rushing to the Golan heights in October 73 under their own steam on the highway. Thanks for looking Jon
  5. Hi Have been working on this February this year, had no intention to go as far as no did but hey ho! The upper hull from the glacis plate to the engine deck is scratch built,the tools are from a chap in Germany. The turret is the taigen recoiling version. She has all metal running gear less the tracks, with internal reinforcement. Inside he's got steel gear boxes and 2.4 GHz radio.Oh and made crate for her. Here's some pics. Thanks for looking Jon
  6. Thanks gents, guess they were built to last!
  7. Hi all Just finished this its a Langley miniatures whit metal kit,it was assembled mostly with solder. The door mirrors are made from brass wire and photo etch sprue/fret and the head lights are little lenses. Finished in humbrol enamel and lots of klear! I lost the vac form windscreen so had to make my own!
  8. Very nice, I have just replaced the air in take hoses on my HL tiger with with diesel injector leak off/ return pipe.
  9. Well have dug mine out the loft and have decided to up grade her as a long term project look out for some wip pics to follow.
  10. Hi all Just put the finishing touches to this little gem! Cracking little kit built out the box with the exception of the load for the trailer which is bits from the spares box covers in tissue, and ezline bungees. I deviated slightly from the painting instructions, as the plastics on these quads are not the same color as the trailer. Being lucky enough to have the ultimate reference material, ie 2 of these at work! I color matched the plastic to humbrol mid stone. Look out for the other one in the box which will be coming soon! Any how here's some pics Thanks for looking Jon
  11. In no particular order.
  12. Very nice cracking little kits arnt they.
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