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  1. Beautiful work mate! Just finishing mine but taking a while...Death Angels so a bit dirtier as they tended to be form the pics I have seen
  2. Lovely and I agree that it is the best kit in the world right now having made it last year!
  3. I might be wrong but I think the VF-111 option is 201, the Mig killer without the rainbow tail. This would be awesome by the way!
  4. They went to China in 2016, I was the Team Leader in 2012-14 (Red 1). Monty was the Boss in '16.
  5. Really nice build, another Tomcat lover! Hope you get the decal issue sorted, often happens that something goes a bit awry, but thats modelling! I have built one Tamiya F14A and have the D ready to go. Great to see the 2014 Red Arrow, lovely tail (I was very involved with it in real life).
  6. Beautiful, very realistic. Can I make one comment, often overlooked with LGBs (from someone who has dropped a lot of them). On the ground the seeker head hangs down. The can have a polystyrene collar with an RBF flag attached but they tend to be removed before the pilots walk around). I would put a pic in if I could figure out how to do it but a quick google search will show you what I mean.
  7. Fit is so good again, no need for glue. Thanks lightpainter
  8. Aaagghh..you're quite right, will fix right away. Many thanks!
  9. Very nice. How often do we really look down the intakes/engines? Thinking of getting one myself
  10. The fit is so precise when you put the booms onto the main body and the tailplane and rudders all connect once you've done that, that they kind of lock in place, truly amazing. I did run some Tamiya liquid cement very carefully around the front joins of the booms around the engine but these parts don't need much. You can quite comfortably finish the body, booms, tailplane and rudders separately which makes things easier. I didn't have to glue the main gear doors, they slot into a gap along a natural seam line, fantastic
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