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  1. I truly hope they will do an earlier Mi-8 variant with the longer engine intakes. This model kit has been on my ‘wish list’ for many years! Best wishes!
  2. The main fins on the AIM-7 Sparrow should in reality be separate pieces. The main fins pivot on a spindle, and are thus only attached to the missile body at their aerodynamic center. If GWH molded them in situ, it would be inaccurate with respect to the prototypical missile. Best wishes!
  3. Your comment made me laugh, my friend! The ship was named for the place, the name given to the place by our Roman ancestors. Best wishes!
  4. I thought as much when I first viewed the ZM parts, however it is not the case. ZM have modified the forward fuselage so that it is unique F-4G in details. With the deletion of the M61 cannon in the F-4G, the gun vents on each side were eliminated as well, and ZM has captured this detail. In addition, there are some small antennas arrayed around the nose that are unique to the F-4G. Unfortunately, to add those vents back on the F-4G to make an F-4E will not be a simple operation. Maybe not impossible for some modelers, but not simple for the rest of us! Until then we are left with ‘swapping’ the wing from the G to the fuselage of the ‘early’ E to make an F-4E with slat wing retrofitted. Best wishes!
  5. When I have spoken with them about the Avias they have never mentioned the possibility to make the Hispano-schmitts. But the resin conversion sets from Hungary are beautiful models! Best wishes!
  6. Is the AMK company still in business? I have heard no news or other mention of them in two years or longer time. Best wishes!
  7. I have purchased the Nautilus Models ‘strap’ as well as the Hypersonic version included in their F-4E slat upgrade kit. The Nautilus product is highly inaccurate compared to photos of genuine aircraft. The Hypersonic product is much better. Best wishes!
  8. Very slightly, yes. But models tend to be supplied with either fully ‘open’ or fully ‘close’ nozzles. Best wishes!
  9. Unfortunately Ben, this is not truly the case. On F-4E with slat wings applied in the factory the lower wing skin was much thicker, resulting in a noticeable ‘step’ were it joins the center section containing the main spar. It would be very difficult to supply the reinforcing strap as a separate plastic part because it is only about 0,2 mm thick in 1/48 scale. ZM has this feature molded in situ (which looks quite realistic). Best wishes!
  10. Not in every instance. It seems that in early F-14A operations in the 1970s, both nozzles could frequently be seen equally ‘open’.
  11. This is a very interesting development! It appears to be a very nice reproduction of the complex shape of the Phantom, though the G ‘Wild Weasel’ version is my personal least favourite of all. I hope Meng will see fit to release other versions in due course. I do note that the F-4G appears to be missing the heavy reinforcement ‘strap’ that was a feature of all real F-4G. Perhaps this is just a feature of the CAD renderings and will appear on the plastic parts.
  12. Canopy was identical on all American B-57B and derivative versions.
  13. Unfortunately, to 'fix' the Z-M kit you need to radically modify the whole of the cockpit area of the model. Much more than just the canopy parts. Real F-4 Phantoms has a noticeable 'bulge' at the rear cockpit that is missing in all F-4 Phantom kits in history - until Tamiya 1/48 F-4B appears. Tamiya missed this shape (along with many other very serious problems) in their 1990s era 1/32 F-4C, F-4E, F-4EJ kits, but they did do their 'homework' when design of the new 1/48 F-4B happened. When the canopy is posed 'open' on the Z-M kit the difference is hardly noticeable. And I am a very huge fan of the Phantom. My Phantom library consists of more than 100 books, and I have been studying the Phantom for more decades than I care to divulge! Best wishes!
  14. The Zoukei-Mura canopy is in fact not entirely correct, but I do not find it terrible. The only discernible problem with the canopy is the missing 'bulge' at the rear cockpit area. This is something also missed by all other F-4 Phantom model kits in history. Only Tamiya 1/48 F-4B has captured this shape correctly. However, with the canopy posed in the open position, it is really not noticeable on the Z-M kit. Has there been confirmation that this 'new' Meng kit is genuine? There is no information about it on their Facebook page, nor on their company web site. It seems a long way from 1st April. Best wishes!
  15. To be specific: Anti-ice systems prevent ice from accumulating. Most often this system heats the leading edge of the flying surfaces. De-ice systems remove accumulation of ice already present. Most often this system consists of rubber ‘boots’ which inflate slightly with air to physically remove the ice. Anti-ice systems were not generally in use in WWII era. Most large American aircraft had (from their factory) rubber ‘boot’ de-ice systems fitted. They were often removed by squadrons because they require some maintenance and were not considered essential. Best wishes!
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