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  1. Regrettably I have so few decent slides of F-106s that I can scan and share with others. Seems like most, if not all, of the F-106s I saw and photographed at airshows were nearly inaccessible due to large crowds of people ever so slowly taking their time walking around them! Anyway, my dear friend Tom Long graciously agreed to allow me to post these F-106s that he shot at McChord AFB. I hope you enjoy them. First up, F-106A 56-0461 operated by the 5th FIS when photographed on the ramp at McChord AFB in July of 1984. Next is F-106A 57-2496 of the Montana ANG photographed in July of 1984. F-106A 59-0136 flown by the 49th FIS when photographed in April of 1985. F-106A 57-2485 flown by the 120th FIG, Montana ANG, when photographed in September of 1986. Last but not least is a shot that I took of 59-0153 operated by the 87th FIS when photographed on the ramp at Carswell AFB for the airshow in 1979. I had hopes of taking more pictures of this aircraft later during the day but it developed a significant fuel week that resulted in it being towed away from the display area about 30 min after I took this shot. Steve
  2. In December of 2017 DFW Airport hosted the annual Aviation Expo that was held on the American Airlines Hangar 5 ramp (formerly the Delta Airlines hangar). One of the aircraft brought in for display was this F/A-18A+ that was the CO’s aircraft for VMFA-112. I thought it looked interesting in that here was a Hornet with some color on it. 162848 was a F/A-18A+ (though it was marked as a F/A-18A++) that was assigned to VMFA-112 until 2019. Was pleased to learn that earlier this year Print Scale decals released a 1/72 scale sheet for this aircraft as well as a F/A-18C from the same unit that was marked as the CO’s aircraft. Hope you enjoy these. Steve
  3. Hopefully these are of interest. All photographed by me at DFW. First up is a Trans Central YS-11, N904TC, photographed on the Terminal 2E ramp in early March of 1984. This airline had at least four YS-11s and all of them were later used by Fort Worth Air before that airline also failed. DHC-6, N928MA, operated by Metro Airlines parked on the Terminal 3E ramp in the fall of 1983. \ EMB-110, N141EM, operated by Spirit. Photographed on the Terminal 2W south hardstand in July of 1984. Spirit was a feeder for the second incarnation of Braniff Airlines. Chaparral Airlines Casa 212, N352CA, photographed on the Terminal 3E ramp in the summer of 1983. Last for now is a Mesa Airlines King Air 200, N296YV, photographed on the north side of the Terminal 2W ramp immediately after a series of thunderstorms moved through North Texas. I hope you enjoy these. Steve
  4. How 'bout some stretched DC-9s for your viewing pleasure? All taken by me at DFW. Frontier Airlines MD-82, N9805F, conducting a power back operation from the gate at Terminal 2E in December of 1985. Former Frontier Airlines MD-83, now operated by Continental Airlines, preparing to taxi off the ramp at Terminal 2E for departure. Note the Irish registration, EI-BTB. Jet America MD-82, N782JA, photographed on the 3W ramp in October of 1985. Former TWA MD-83, N983TW, now operated by AA, photographed on the Terminal C ramp on December 27, 2018. This was the last AA MD-80 that I photographed. North American Airlines MD-83, N183NA, photographed in April of 1993 taxiing south on taxiway C. Another AA MD-82 for you. This time it's N292AA photographed in September of 1985 as it taxied south on taxiway J. I think this particular airframe had been in service only for a month or two when I photographed it. Unfortunately a poor quality shot but it's only one of about three that I have of Continental MD-80s. This is N808NY, MD-82, waiting for a gate on the terminal 2E ramp. Delta Airlines MD-90, N908DL, preparing to taxi off the Terminal E ramp in February of 1996. Final colors for TWA on this MD-83. N9414W about to taxi off the terminal B ramp in February of 1996. Midwest Express MD-88, N601ME, taxiing out to runway 18L for departure in April of 1987. American International MD-81 photographed on the gate at Terminal 2W in August of 1983. Aeromexico MD-83, N861LF, parked on the 3W ramp in September of 1994. Hope you enjoy these. Steve
  5. Just to reinforce what was stated. Take your time, check the part fit in advance of using glue, make sure you follow the sequence for the build as identified in the instructions.* Bottom line though, have fun! Enjoy the model and use it to build your skills for the next kit. And then the next kit, the next kit after that, the next kit after that.... *As you gain experience building kits, you'll be able to deviate from the kit instructions, if needed, in order to meet your needs to complete the model as you see fit. Steve
  6. Hopefully these are of interest and have not been posted before. All taken by me at DFW International. While riding Skylink from one terminal to the next to attend a meeting I couldn't help but notice how interesting this scene was for a modeler. Taken on December 14, 2018. United Airlines/Shuttle B737 taxiing north on taxiway G in August of 1996. I can't remember how long United experimented with this service. Photographed on a beautiful day in March of 1997 is this Canadian B737 taxiing east on taxiway B heading for Terminal B. Previously I had posted an image of this Western Pacific B737, N375TA, from the right side that had the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame imagery on that side. I forgot that the left side had imagery for the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. Photographed taxiing on the ramp at Terminal B. Photographed in January of 1991 is this America West B737 coming off the Terminal 2W ramp. Always thought this was a nice looking scheme. The next paint scheme for America West. This B737 was photographed taxiing in to the ramp. I think this was the only aircraft operated by Aero Feliz at the time it was photographed taxiing south on taxiway G in December of 1990. If I recall correctly they operated a handful of charters out of DFW before disappearing. Beautiful looking Boeing! Possibly a repeat. AA B737-832, N947AN, prior to having winglets added. Photographed on the Terminal C ramp in 2003. I hope you enjoy these shots. Steve
  7. Sheeesh. Somedays I don't know my left from my right. I intended to say "Note the aluminum painted Thud to the left of the bare metal Thunderchief. " Steve
  8. I have not but I will be looking for it. Thank you! Steve
  9. I agree that there seems to be so few color shots of F-105s in bare metal. Attached is one, F-105D 60-0459 that was assigned so AFSC at the time of the shot. Photo credit is USAF. Note the aluminum painted Thud to the left. Steve
  10. I have had several slides in my collection for many years that I either purchased from slide auctions, military/airline memorabilia shows, or were received in trades from other photo enthusiasts in which the photographer is not identified on the slide. Some of the ones here I have had for nearly 30 years and don't know who shot the image. If anyone here recognizes who the photographer may be please let me know so that I can properly document it. F-105D 61-0073 assigned to the Kansas ANG at the time it was photographed. Date, location, photographer unknown. From my personal collection. F-105D 61-0167 assigned to Air Force Systems Command when photographed. Date unknown as well as the location but the background makes me think this is Hill AFB. Photo credit is USAF. F-105F 63-8365 of the 419th TFW in April of 1982. Photographer unknown, location unknown although the background reminds me of Wright-Patterson AFB. From my personal collection. F-105G 62-4427 of the 35th TFW in February of 1980. Location unknown but I suspect it's either Nellis AFB or George AFB. Photographer unknown. From my personal collection. F-105G 62-4446 also from the 35th TFW photographed in 1980. Photographer unknown, location unknow but I think it might be George AFB. From my personal collection. F-105G 63-8307 of the 35th TFW photographed in November of 1975. Photographer unknown, location unknown. From my personal collection. I hope you enjoy these images. Steve
  11. I think I posted a couple of shots of the Simpsons B737 earlier. I may be wrong! Here's one shot of that jet and three other shots of other Western Pacific jets for your viewing pleasure. N949WP exiting the Terminal B ramp. N962WP about to taxi off the ramp for departure in June of 1997. Apologies for the poor quality scan. The other side of the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame jet. Another poor quality scan I apologize for. Last one. Photographed in December of 1997 is N951WP taxiing out for departure. Hope you enjoy these. Steve
  12. During their heyday Western Pacific Airlines had a variety of companies advertise on their B737s. I was able to photograph several of these but I didn't capture all of them. And, several of the shots I do have are of poor quality, but, they are the only ones I have. All taken at DFW by me. Photographed very late in the afternoon during December of 1995 is N301AU taxiing north on Taxiway G. Next is a poor scan of N945WP taxiing south in the Southwest Hold Pad heading for runway 36R for departure on June 7, 1996. This aircraft had a split paint scheme of a red fuselage on the starboard side and blue on the port side. Port side of N945WP photographed on the same day taxiing off the Terminal B ramp. N952WP photographed taxiing west bound to runway 18L for departure in February of 1996. In July of 1996 N950WP was photographed taxiing around the Terminal B ramp. Another casino themed plane is N956WP photographed about to be pushed back from the gate at Terminal B in March of 1997. N948WP taxiing off the Terminal B ramp in June of 1996. Kinda plain when compared to the other WP jets. N960WP is about to start taxiing from the Terminal B ramp in June of 1996. N961WP taxiing out for departure in March of 1996. N946WP taxiing in to the ramp at Terminal B in March of 1996. N948WP during take-off roll on runway 18L in June of 1997. Photographed in March of 1996 is N962WP on the Terminal B ramp. N962WP, again. Last for now. N375TA photographed at Terminal B. I hope you enjoy these. Steve
  13. A quartet of F-35s that were photographed on the American Airlines hangar ramp at DFW on October 4, 2019. Not the best angles for photos, but, I was happy to have the chance to get some pictures. First up is F-35A 14-5091 from the 388th Fighter Wing. F-35A 12-5042 from the 62nd Fighter Squadron, 56th Fighter Wing. F-35A 12-5047 61st Fighter Squadron, 58th Fighter Wing. Last, but not least, F-35A 15-5128 388th Fighter Wing. Hope you enjoy these. Steve
  14. Photographed at the Carswell AFB airshow on October 31, 1987 is FB-111A, 67-0163. Steve
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