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  1. Thanks Ryan- I appreciate the kind words.
  2. Ok, I have most of the paint work done at this point, and will probably call it complete for this work in progress thread. I'll base it, and do a little finishing work, dust, a little metallic dry-brushing, etc, and post the results to ready for inspection. Thanks to all who followed along. Edited to add....it's not quite as yellow as the photos make it look. I need to work on my lighting, I guess.
  3. AH-I see- I guess you are brush painting all of this. Do you have a hole punch close to the wheel diameter- maybe punch a mask from tape? I would definitely not be steady enough to paint those fixed tires with a brush....I admire you guys that can still work in that scale.
  4. I think I would paint the entire thing black(or whatever you choose to paint the tire) and cut a wheel sized circle into a cardstock mask to paint the wheel. You could tack/tape the cardstock in place before shooting the paint. Edited to add- as long as the overspray is minimal, a pin wash will usually sharpen up the line between wheel and tire.
  5. A good video here, lots of reference photos: First reference photo here shows a fairly clear 3 color camouflage: https://comandosupremo.com/autoblinda-40-41/
  6. My favorite part would be rigging the clipper Coriolanus in 1:2400 scale- awesome.
  7. I have the initial painting complete now- post-shading and some chipping. plus an initial filter: You can see a couple of places where the chipping accentuates the printing layer lines- those will have to be touched up with the paintbrush, but other than that I'm fairly pleased so far. Next I'll lock this down with a varnish and then onto more filters followed by oil work.
  8. This is definitely a skill to work on, in my experience. The limited choice of in-production figures means that it will be difficult to find that perfect figure for your model. Plus the fact that many of these figures are as expensive as the model kits themselves.
  9. Maybe this will help(?) Not my model, but this:
  10. Yes, unfortunately you have to look for them on ebay and so forth-there's one set on ebay right now, but it's in the US, so shipping might be higher....
  11. I have never seen an injection plastic option, but there are a few possibilities: verlinden MFTCG 5412: An Ebay slow boat from china motorcycle crew that my be made to work: Description is: Unpainted 1/35 German Soldiers Afrika Korps Resin Figure Model Kit-NO BIKE An STL file that can be had from Cgtrader by paydi (creator): You would need a resin printer, or know someone who has one, or you can probably have it done on a pay-to-print site.
  12. Very nice job building and painting- I've enjoyed watching this come together.
  13. We get completely invested in every microscopic detail, and know and remember every tiny flaw, even on a relatively straightforward kit build. In the end though, what matters is what it looks like built and painted, and this is going to look fantastic.
  14. Ok-I'll see if I can get them to ship it stateside then. Seems like a great value at the price.
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