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  1. A very nice job on the tank. I don't like the randomly placed tarpaulins, especially on the mantlet where wind blows could lift it and cover the view field of the commander. One would rather fasten the stowage items to the body of the vehicle, having in mind the strong winds encountered in the desert.
  2. Thank you, I'm really pleased you like it. That's a real motivational boost for a humble beginner
  3. More pics, please, it's too good for just one
  4. Hello everyone, here's my second (almost) finished model. I planned to paint it in the Polish campaign colours, but I looked more closely at the versions of this vehicle and the Tamiya kit I built wasn't really accurate for this purpose. I don't recommend this kit anyway, as it was poorly cast (the two halves of the injection moulds were not properly aligned and I had to spend a lot of time sanding the seams) and has some accuracy issues (it is a model from 1975 as indicated on the sprues, it's time to update your releases, Tamiya!). I decided to use it as a training exercise as I'm still in my nascent stages as a modeller and here it is in the N. African campaign colours and dirt.
  5. Welcome to the world of newbies Let me add my little 3 groschen of advice: invest in a decal softener, it'll make a difference when applying your markings onto surfaces with raised or recessed panel lines (like those on the desert Panther, for example).
  6. It's a great project, indeed . Did the kit contain a brass barrel for the 20 mm cannon, or did you buy it separately?
  7. Scratchbuilders, no matter what material they use or topic they build, invoke my utmost respect. Chapeau bas!
  8. Really impressive job, an inspiration And your franc coin is the size of a quarter, sorry couldn't resist as coin collecting is my other hobby
  9. Thanks folks, it seems that I just don't need to attach both the Notek and the smoke projectors to my model and I'll need to sort out the frame piece (even the last one must have had it at some point as you can clearly see a hole in the vertical aerial hub).
  10. Since I'd like to build my September '39 collection of AFVs, I can't omit the venerable Praha tank used by the Germans in Poland. however, the source I used to find out about the types of armour used during the campaign says that only the Ausf A was used and there's no such kit available on the market. The closest on I could get my hands on was the Ausf B (Hobby Boss). Since I'm still completing my literature regarding this period I don't have the literature regarding the tank in question, but I believe some of you out there could provide me with the information regarding the difference(s) between those two Ausf├╝hrungen. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi Dennis, for a country emerging from the I WW Poland had relatively high amount of types of aircraft in its service beginning from the earliest moments of its renewed existence, even building its first own one as early as in 1919 (sadly its first flight ended in a disaster), so building a collection of Polish aircraft is going to keep you busy for a long time
  12. Thank you all for the warm welcome. I'll try to overcome my laziness and start posting some of my work in the near future
  13. Hi to all, my name's Bartosz (abbreviated to Bart), I'm from Poland originally and have been living in Scotland since late 2005. I started building models in my early teens, some 30 years ago, then it ended several years later due to other things occupying my mind. Having watched some youtube build clips, I decided to re-start my long forgotten activity, since I've got some spare time after work after all. Since the quality of the kits has improved significantly from those from the late 80s and early 90s, and it's been so long since I built my last kit, I'm basically a newbie in the hobby. My sole interest (at least for the foreseeable future) is the Polish campaign of 1939 - armoured vehicles (and maybe non-armoured ones later as well) of all the combatants involved, i.e. Poland, Germany and the USSR.
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