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  1. @LDSModeller Can you edit your post? I can't see your pictures @Casey Nice job! Thank you for your time and interest. I appreciate it!
  2. @Chief Cohiba No worries, cockpit will be closed anyway so it doesn't really matter that much. I'm just curious and i want to try AK Real Colors paints because i used only Mr.Hobby and Tamiya. So P-40 before 1943 should have RC262 US Interior Yellow Green and from 1943 RC028 Interior Green FS 34151?
  3. Hi, can you advice me which interior color from AK Real Colors will be the most accurate for P-40N-5? At first i thought it will be RC262 US Interior Yellow Green but i received information that i should use RC230 Dull Dark Green FS34092. I found one more option RC028 Interior Green FS 34151 and i'm a little bit confused.
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