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  1. Although for some reason the pictures don't open for me I understand u have a very interesting and detailed job going on. Hope to see at least the outcome in all its glory. Be Victorious Igkor
  2. Ηi David, Thanks a lot of the propodal, surely will try it. Be Well! Igkor
  3. Ηello Jeff, thanks. I have done a few, and have about 5 builds on-going(!). Uts just that I start smt before I even finish the previous one... Right now I am working on the Cutty Sark, u saw in on WIP forum. Think I post smt .. Be Well Igkor
  4. Hello everyone, this is my first maritime build, about 4 years ago. Posting this to make an impression (ha ha) to get rate upgraded! Have to get along time back to provide details, only thing that comes to my mind right now is that the base is made of concrete! I can have it standing on its own Any comments acceptable! Be Well Igkor
  5. Nice work you sre doing! Go on with whatever suits you best! Dont worry..Be happy! Be Well Igkor
  6. Thanks Bertie! Guess its the entering the Cape Horn weather! Although not in any contact with the sea, there is just a lake in my hometown, I think Cape Horn is a bit wilder.... Be Well Igkor
  7. Nice work you are doing Ray. Coloring looks very nice and careful and the work with the shrouds looks very good. Be Well! Igkor
  8. Ηi Bertie, I think you got yourself into deep, with this wooden model. But I see you are really on to it, so I believe it will be a great build. "May the force be with you" Be Well! Igkor
  9. Nice and good looking work on the sub. Guess the outcome will be great. Time usage is not an issue, since you enjoy it. Myself, I am fighting for 7 months now to get on withe Cutty Sark and still am half the way... (you know, work, family, other obligations and so on). But I lije the process, its relaxing for me and most important its not only where u go to but the journey itself counts! Be well Igkor
  10. Τhank you, Ray, especially for pointing out the photos size issue. Its encouraging that you have enjoyed every build you did! Be Well! Igkor
  11. Τhank you , Jeff. Hope it will come out to be a nice model. Bd Well! Igkor
  12. Τhank you, Jon. It has a long way to go to finish. Be Well! Igkor
  13. Hello everyone, I was impressed by the job on the Cutty Sark by JJ2016, so decided to present my work so far on the same build. I got the model in December, an Airfix Vintage classics kit, scale1:130, mould tools and pack illustration made in 1967 (even before I was born !!) Sad to say that there has been a lot of flashing on this kit, so cleaning and parts preparation took a while, and I faced some accidents throughout the process (broken parts) which were fixed by gluing the parts again, some need to be scratchbuild. Some months have passed, so right now the situation is like this currently struggling with rigging and shroud making I decided to make holes with a needle on the rigging tensioners, pass the rissing through it and keeping it in place by making a knot. Hope I will manage to keep the riggings tensioned later on. Then one day, as I was listening music, the Waterboys song "Upon the wind and waves" came up, so I though I make a small base and have the Cutty Sark sailing... so it is going to look like this...... Well, that is the current status. Still a long way to go, but hope the result will be nice. If anyone has an idea on splashing waves making, please advise! Thanks and Be Well! Igkor PS Transferred this from Ready For Inspection forum, where I posted by mistake.
  14. Posted in Ready For Inspection instead Work In Progress forum. Can it be changed? Or should I delete and repost in the right forum? Thanks Igkor
  15. Impressive job! Great painting! Wondering what comes next! Be Well Igkor
  16. I totally agree with u Mike, regarding forgeting the past leads us to the same, or even worse, mistakes. On tge other hand I also understand that some people might be trulky offended, so I guess I have to respect that also. In my oppinion symbols are not the issue, its our way of thinking. But as said..."Let it be, let it be....there will be an answer, let it be". Thanks! Be well Igkor
  17. Τhank you Troy! Really helpful. Be Well Igkor
  18. Its 1/180 Airfix kit. To be honest I dont consider myself a ship modeller yet, at least not an experienced one, since most of my builds are about airplanes and helicopters. Its just over the last 3-4 that I am working on ship building, tried even submarines, but still a lot to learn. But its about having fun doing it.... Might post the WIP about it. Be well Igkor
  19. Hi Mick! Really nice work u got there. I m trying to build the HMS Victory, so it gives me a detailed view of this part of the ship. Colourwise great and your personal intergention give that "something" to the build. Be Welk! Igkor
  20. Sorry for mispelling, I got older, my fingers are fatter and my eyes are weaker than the old good days!
  21. Ηello, I recently joined this great group of builders annd, although I don't know if this is the right place to ask, I have the following question: Is there a rule or guidance not to show the german emblem of "Swastiga"? I remember when I got my first kit at the age of 9, but when I restarted when I was 30, after 20 years if "silence" that emblem was included in the decals. Now it is not, and in posts I have seen it "wioed out" Could anyone tell me why? Thanks in advance. Be Well! Igkor
  22. Really nice work! I got tge same last December, unfortunately the quality was not as good as expected (a lot of flashes) but still trying to get on with it. Hopefully I get it done as well as u did (I might "steal" at some points from your build....) Be Well Igkor
  23. Really fascinating work. So much detail, new things to see with every look. Hope I get there someday too! Be Well! Igkor
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