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  1. Thanks Chris good luck with your 3...yea poor old L1004 was a real development hack
  2. For me there can only be one choice of an a/c for this build. Spitfire L1004 in its 3rd incarnation as MK XIII PR Prototype. This followed its birth as a MK I and then conversion to a MK V. It didnt end life as a MK XIII but thats a story for another day! She appears in dads logbook during her life prior to being the PR prototype and I eventually plan to build her in all four of her "lives". This will be a big challenge for me as I have only completed two kits since my return to the hobby after decades away. Never cut holes etc in kits before or added "extra" bits so it could all end badly .....but if you dont push yourself you will never improve . Must say I'm glad its not in the what shade is that PR Blue or Pink!
  3. See my full update in the main thread. All I will say here is, you didnt win COVID!
  4. OK Im back...sort of as COVID is still having its way with me. This build was sort of going OK but as the plague worsened it all started to go to hell in a handcart. Started weathering the underside and it just turned into a big mess...had the radio mast in the tweasers to glue on and it went ping across the workbench never to be seen again. Lucky I had the spare kit that I used to replace the knackerd canopy at the start. Then the landing gear just all turned to crud with broken axels and superglue that just would not glue! So at that point I was over it. Didnt attempt to weather the top and could not be bothered fixing up the colour on the wheel hubs! Dont know the total elapsed time as to be frank I gave up caring in the end but well under 8 or so hours I recon Also just took quick pics as again I dont have the energy to fuss over them. But.... 1. I finished my first ever Blitz 2. I learnt heaps while doing it which was the main aim. 3. It was sort of fun 4. COVID didnt beat me! Rest of final pics in the galery thingie. Tally ho! Off to bed yet again. Good work all you other modelers who entered as its not as easy as it may look.
  5. Started again after my little nap. Clear coated and just used a spray can of Tamiya semi gloss I had on hand to save using/cleaning airbrush again. This may have been a bad move as not sure the carrier film is not going to show. Anyhow have added microsol and now taking another plague break while it dries. Then will be panel lines and a small amout of weathering and should be in the home straight! At least it looks more like an a/c now.
  6. I have about 10 hours in H300 .... so want one of these kits
  7. A little more progress. Tried to darken up the blue while still leaving that sun faded Pacific look. Painted on some walkways and also scratched the blue that was obviously not fully cured so that was time doing touch ups I didnt want to do. COVID is not over fighting its battle with me ....but the war isnt over so Im making a tactical retreat to bed for a while and will attack the front lines when I get up again.
  8. Have a good rest Im off to bed again...COVID is winning the battle
  9. Upper surface painted and a bit of mottling done. Mixed the Intermediate Blue a little too white so will try darken it with the top coat and hopefully not lose all the mottling. There are a few gaos that should be filled but Im not in the mood!
  10. Oh well that answers that question.....may as well keep going rather than just lying in bed
  11. Cheers Steve a lot better this morning and a hot sweaty night. No sore throat at this point which makes me think you may be right. Do another RAT/BAT test later to see what it says. JM
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