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  1. Centre wings need work but the rest of the airframe is ok
  2. Couldn't be happier, the J is now retiring beyond the date originally planned (2035 vs 2030), so under current plans should see me to retirement John
  3. Thanks Bill for the kind comments Unfortunately we won't be at Cosford, but you are more than welcome to visit us (I think the General is organising a trip in the New Year). If not and you're still interested in buying a mug, PM me and we can sort out the details John
  4. Mike Just to add that BMs very own David Collins collaborated on the book, there's not much he doesn't know about Hornets John
  5. Blimey neil, you don't waste any time do you? Looking forward to the results john
  6. Thanks Neil Unfortunately we couldn't hang around, thanks for the weathering tips btw. . If we get invited again, it'd be nice to bring the whole flightdeck.
  7. A quick note to thank all of the Bomber Command SIG especially the General, for making the Stirling Project so welcome. We certainly seemed to attract a lot of interest and to boot made a tidy sum from donations and mug sales A special thanks should also go to Paul and Richard for the great way in which they organised things, thanks lads John
  8. So which are we then General??? LOL Personally I think I fall into senile delinquent category...... Look forward to speaking to anyone with an interest in Stirlings and flog a few Stirling Project mugs in the process (all proceeds will go towards the Project) hint hint cheers John
  9. Hi Cees So you'll be at Telford then?? The Stirling Project will be there on the Saturday (only) on the Bomber Command SIG table, feel free to drop by John
  10. Excellent job there, never seen anyone do a very early Mk I Srs I before John
  11. We (The Stirling Project) did offer our assistance but it was politely declined; they seemed to think they knew best LOL John
  12. Hopefully I'll be bring a seat with me to Telford along with the throttle box. You should see some progress on that front since you saw it previously John
  13. Going back to the silvery line on the H2S dome on the Stirling, it is in fact an IFF aerial, you can see that it isn't actually part of the radome itself when you zoom in John
  14. A grand job there David, look forward to seeing it in the flesh
  15. Blimey, you wouldn't believe it was the old Airfix offering, lovely job there Melchie John
  16. If I lived closer and didn't have a Stirling and Chipmunk to be worried about, you'd easily press gang me!
  17. Hi Jason It's been done although not by us http://forum.keypublishing.com/showthread.php?134530-The-first-complete-Stirling-undercarriage-seen-since-the-forties-assembled-in-Holland John
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