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  1. Don't think it's been mentioned, but there is a half decent AW product - the Siskin IIIA Excellent thread General; any plans on visiting Stirling land again? John
  2. That works up to a point, the fences are significantly thinner than the pylons John
  3. Both for me, both cracking models!, No-one has yet mentioned the fantasic seascape that your wife has painted. Well done her John
  4. And I was more than glad to help. The finished result looks fantastic cheers John
  5. Different stick tops as well from an early GR1a to the later variants (ex Tornado HOTAS sticks fitted later IIRC)
  6. Good morning all Just a quick post to let you know how the project is progressing, the flight deck is pretty much slaved together now and we're actively looking forward to producing the jig for building the fuselage. This has now been drawn up and we're looking into the costs of taking this forward. I still struggle with posting photos on here so here's a link to our dedicated thread on the Flypast Forum showing latest photos, (post #699) http://forum.keypublishing.com/showthread.php?77197-Stirling-Project-Update/page24 Probably worth having a look at posts #605 & 645 to gauge the size of the beast and just for a laugh post #660 John
  7. Hi Simon We have a saying in the Stirling Project and it borrows from the John Lewis slogan: "The Short Stirling - Never knowingly under-engineered" Really impressed with what you're attempting here, probably the first (and only) time that anyone will ever model a Stirling in this configuration cheers John
  8. Hi Simon Are you aware that the 'notches' on the underside of the nacelles have to be filled on the Italeri Mk I, The kit wing is the same as that for the Mk IV kit which has the oil coolers on the underside, on the Mk I they're in the leading edge. John
  9. Hi Timmy What's not to say! Jaw dropping work and I'm glad that you've been able to put the AP info to very good use John
  10. Hi Simon I missed a detail on one of your pics above where you had the scalpel inserted into a gap on the upper surface. This is exactly where there is a circular aperture (skylight) between the front and rear spars. Hopefully not too late to address, it looks to be a bout a scale foot in diameter John
  11. Hi Simon You appear to have uncovered something of a minefield re turret colours.... FWIW, I think the Ulster example is probably cockpit green inside John
  12. Hi Simon I'm pretty sure that for some reason the only turret on a Stirling that was silver was the front FN5a. Here's a link to the a website that shows the interior of an rear turret (FN4?) that appears to be black. Pics of FN7s on line seem to show that as black as well, certainly the interior of our FN7 cupola is black albeit without any of the workings. http://www.214squadron.org.uk/personnel_s_m.htm John
  13. You're quite right of course, got mixed up over my conflicts John
  14. Technically speaking, the Op Granby Jags were designated GR1b with supplements added to the APs to highlight the differences. Jag 96 became the GR3 & T4, with Jag 97 becoming the GR3a John
  15. Hi Simon Looking great. Apologies, I've looked for some decent images of the u/c bays but can't find anything that gives a good view John
  16. 12jaguar

    Beaufighter span

    haven't got verniers to hand but using a ruler my Airfix Beau measures 245mm
  17. So did we as we painted our 1:1 one black! Something we'll have to revisit John
  18. FYI, the interior of the nose turret is aluminium colour John
  19. Hi Simon I've seen your email and will have a look for the stbd side photos tomorrow. Seeing this in 1/72 makes me even more scared of doing the 1:1 version. Just a quick bit of advice if I may, Italeri will have you install an R1155 radio on the back frame of the cockpit, this installation was only ever found on some Mk IVs and Vs. There's also a flaw in the cockpit area as the small tank fitted just behind the 2nd pilot actually sits on a small raised platform, not on the cockpit floor as depicted. Might be a bit late to change this now though John
  20. You should have some pics in your inbox. Hope they're of use John
  21. Hi Simon PM me your email address and I'll send some over. The 2 tanks under the 2nd pilots seat are actually pneumatic tanks for the brake and landing light systems John
  22. Hi Mackem Nice idea. I actually work for a rather large aircraft maintenance organisation (Marshall), unfortunately they tend to work with American spec materials which don't match what we require. We only need smaller size pulleys now for the Trim and fuel cock systems, they don't match any modern spec either unfortunately. In all other respects the company has actually been very helpful to us . We have good contacts with other companies who can make us any hard to find parts FOC in a lot of cases John
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