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  1. Hi Mark Found you on here Don't use Humbrol 75; I think you probably meant 78. When I built my Mk IV I used Humbrol 120 as it more closely matched some paint remnants we had on some original cockpit structure. My choice though..... Not sure about the Mk I kit but I seem to recall that the instructions tell you to install an R1155 radio on the Navigators bulkhead to the rear of the cockpit, don't fit it as this was only installed on a limited number of aircraft and certainly not a Mk I. Recently a colleague and I have discovered that there is also a small square window in the rear lower escape hatch on a Mk I Any other questions you have, please feel free to email me and I'll do my best to answer them. regards John
  2. As JagRigger says, very dark grey is better than black for thecockpit. for the u/c bays I've always used Humbrol 81 with a wash to highlight detail as this seems fairly close John
  3. As Stever says Always black. Don't know where Revell could have got grey from.... John
  4. As always the views of the individual do not always necessarily represent that of the management. He never said they would do but then again never say never. I did ask him about the oft quoted position that they would never tool a kit for which there was no extant example or no complete original drawing pack. He responded that he had been misquoted at a modellers talk and that if necessary they would consider using the best available information. I can only repeat what he said. Notably though the Stirling Project is drawing the aircraft up in CAD using original material and information wherever possible (not all drawings have been destroyed btw), in fact we collaborated with Corgi on their diecast kit. Unfortunately they didn't use all of the info we gave them :o) Will they revisit the Stirling? I'd love them to but in the present climate and with limited resources I doubt that it will happen any time soon. John
  5. I spoke to the Airfix rep at Telford a few years back about the Stirling, just after the Italeri one came out. They were going to wait for the dust to settle, but did agree that it was one of their kits that they'd like to revisit John
  6. Hi Dermot Nice looking Jag, but I just noticed that you've got your fin aerials back to front Should be an easy fix cheers John
  7. Looking great and you've had a far more productive year than me Neil I'm still trying to beat the KH Jaguar into submission......it's taken me best part of a year thus far John
  8. Aah is that Chris the Editor I take it We're all very impressed with how the article came out and we hope that it continues to generate interest in what we're doing cheers John
  9. Just to let you know that the January 2017 edition of Flypast magazine has a lengthy article on the Stirling Aircraft Project penned by my good self and David Collins. Shows some of our latest progress and plans for the future although please note that they posted an earlier version of the article which states that we're doing the fuselage to Fr26 when in fact it should read Fr16 Hope you enjoy it John
  10. And I used to be the joint keeper of aircraft at FAWNAPS with Murray Flint. I was admiring your models the other day Debs, when I dropped by the museum to take some Stirling bits on loan There's still one of my models in the museum albeit a bit damaged which when you consider its been sat there for 21 years it's not to be wondered at LOL. Bet you can't guess which one, clue its' 1/32 scale John
  11. Can always go for XS459, I used to part own that at Fenland Aircraft Museum John
  12. What scheme are you doing Neil?
  13. Don't think so unfortunately, got too much on. I think Cliff will be going though but not as part of the Project. John
  14. Don't think it's been mentioned, but there is a half decent AW product - the Siskin IIIA Excellent thread General; any plans on visiting Stirling land again? John
  15. That works up to a point, the fences are significantly thinner than the pylons John
  16. Both for me, both cracking models!, No-one has yet mentioned the fantasic seascape that your wife has painted. Well done her John
  17. And I was more than glad to help. The finished result looks fantastic cheers John
  18. Different stick tops as well from an early GR1a to the later variants (ex Tornado HOTAS sticks fitted later IIRC)
  19. Good morning all Just a quick post to let you know how the project is progressing, the flight deck is pretty much slaved together now and we're actively looking forward to producing the jig for building the fuselage. This has now been drawn up and we're looking into the costs of taking this forward. I still struggle with posting photos on here so here's a link to our dedicated thread on the Flypast Forum showing latest photos, (post #699) http://forum.keypublishing.com/showthread.php?77197-Stirling-Project-Update/page24 Probably worth having a look at posts #605 & 645 to gauge the size of the beast and just for a laugh post #660 John
  20. Hi Simon We have a saying in the Stirling Project and it borrows from the John Lewis slogan: "The Short Stirling - Never knowingly under-engineered" Really impressed with what you're attempting here, probably the first (and only) time that anyone will ever model a Stirling in this configuration cheers John
  21. Hi Simon Are you aware that the 'notches' on the underside of the nacelles have to be filled on the Italeri Mk I, The kit wing is the same as that for the Mk IV kit which has the oil coolers on the underside, on the Mk I they're in the leading edge. John
  22. Hi Timmy What's not to say! Jaw dropping work and I'm glad that you've been able to put the AP info to very good use John
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