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  1. in essence this aircraft has been known about for some time, what is relatively new is that RNLAF are going to recover the aircraft, I guess this is what the media have picked up on. We've borrowed parts from the civilian recovery group in the past which we've used as patterns (seat structure etc). One of the most significant parts we have from this aircraft is the Pilots windscreen de-icer pump John
  2. as usual they couldn't even spell the name correctly...
  3. Thanks for the news article. As it says she was originally misidentified as BK710 but has now been correctly identified as BK716. Large parts of this aircraft have been on display at Fort Veldhuis and we have a number of parts incorporated into our flight deck build John (Stirling Aircraft Project)
  4. Hi Fritag grey cells working overtime for me, was 'Combat' auto generated dependent on IAS and AOA? John
  5. Hi Massimo Slats are In, Fully out and Combat (between the 2) again these were set by measurement not angle. I'm sure Freitag will be along to elaborate on Slat position for take off (I assume fully out)
  6. It was a looong time ago but we Riggers didn't set the flaps up by angular displacement but as a dimension taken from the 'pen nib fairing' (Trailing edge between the inner & outer flaps). For some strange reason ISTR that the I/b flap was something like 450mm at max extension, I can't recall the o/b flap dimension. If you're really interested I can see if I can dig out the AP guide for flap set-up John
  7. Can you PM me his contact details please ta john
  8. thanks, will point my colleague in their direction cheers John
  9. Hi A colleague of mine is taking on the daunting task of modifying a Revell 1/32 scale F4F to an FGR2 Phantom; he's pretty much got everything he needs but some assistance with sourcing Spey exhaust nozzles would be greatly appreciated. If anyone can point us in the direction of a pair of nozzles in any media format (or even a 3D CAD file) that would be great Thanks in advance John (and Scott)
  10. A lot depends on which mark of Stirling you want to build. I've built the Mk IV Italeri one and it goes together well although there are a number of anomalies in the kit (radio placement and what looks like a Galley, no such thing on a Stirling). Shape wise it's ok..ish). The Mk I is a bit of a curates egg, with windows in the wrong place, and a lack of oil coolers under the engines. I have a couple of Airfix kits in the stash, shape wise I think they look slightly better, but they are rather basic. I've got a White Ensign detail set to go to town on a Mk III which will be depicted
  11. Anyone in for a DH Hornet/Sea Hornet in 1/72 or 1/48? John
  12. Sea Hornet fabrication drawings do exist, how else can you do this http://warbirdsnews.com/aircraft-restoration/de-havilland-sea-hornet-airworthy-restoration-project.html
  13. Hi Neil Knowing what you started with as a basis (a Sanger kit!!), you've made a wonderful job of it and it definitely looks like a Stirling. Glad that you were able to make sense of some of my rambling advice; I'm just glad to be able to impart some of my otherwise useless knowledge built up over the years LOL. Hope to see you and the Bomber Command guys at Alconbury in 2019 to let you see how the flightdeck is progressing cheers John
  14. However, if the film was told from an Americans point of view, it would likely stand a better chance. Joe McCarthy (AJ-T) was originally a beachguard at Coney Island who joined the RCAF, a very tellable story in itself John
  15. 12jaguar

    RAF Jaguars

    the former airfield at Bentwaters Franco
  16. good start. just a quick bit of advice, the colour call out for the cockpit is incorrect, as it should be black completely. The recess aft of the airbrake bays should be the same colour as the outside airframe ie camouflage colour Revells bad methinks John
  17. Hi Woody totally missed this, great progress on the old girl. I think the crashed u/c id either in Holland or Belgium, can't recall exactly John
  18. As a builder of a 1:1 scale Stirling, I must say your rendition is an absolute cracker great job John
  19. Elliot Smock is working towards recreating a Whitley. Unfortunately, the Flypast Forum is down yet again (since it's revamp) so I can't link to his progress John
  20. I've added the black bars on the leading edges, I assume on the real thing these are de-icers? Nothing as complex as that, they're simply black neoprene tape that is an anti-erosion strip. John
  21. Thanks for the mention Elger, it's been a pleasure helping you out; you've had a real feel for the aircraft and it shows. We took some 1:1 stirling parts to the Brampton Model show today and they were warmly recieved, and also took my Mk IV and Cliffs Mk I, it's a kit that you have to beat into submission somewhat which was disappointing as we offered our assistance early on when some of the CAD renders went public. I ech what everyone else has said, best rendition of the Italeri kit I've yet seen John
  22. The profile of the leading edge of the mainplane is well off underneath the slats but these at least help to mask the issue. The pylons are totally wrong as is the weapon load out. there's some odd depictions of panel lines and I wouldn't recommend having the avionics bay door open as this looks nothing like an RAF Jag. I replaced my secondary heat exchanger fairing on the spine with a resin aftermarket one John
  23. I recall them being installed on the engine doors as part of a modification package when I was at Abingdon in the late 80s so you should be ok but check your references John
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