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  1. That's what the curvature of the earth is for. Thought I'd get that one in before some surly non-Jag mate chipped in LOL John
  2. depends when you're talking about. Initially they had FN4 tail turrets which had a rounder profile to the cupola than the later FN20s. Essentially, the FN4 shape is pretty much the same as that fitted to the Manchester IIRC Oh and possibly Sunderland.
  3. Hi Martin I've made the MkIV and Italeri did a pretty good job even if they did include a Galley! I'm making a MkIII at the moment and am using the White ensign detail set although tbh I'm not using that much of it as it's pretty spurious in places LOL cheers John
  4. Hi Martin a couple of points: for a Mk III, the bombsight will be a Mk XIV or in other words exactly the same as a Lanc Just seen that you've got an R1155 radio fitted to the Navs bulkhead, this installation was only found on Mk Vs as the W/Op position had to move due to the passenger/freight cabin regards John
  5. If you need any cockpit photos, send me your email and I'll ping some to you. If you go to the weblink below my signature, you'll find some pics of our flightdeck rebuild I'm currently building a MkIII as BK716, an aircraft which was due to be recoverd by the RNLAF in March but unfortunately postponed by CV-19. We have a significant number of parts from that aircraft in our reconstruction and parts that have been reverse engineered from parts that have been loaned by a Dutch museum. cheers John
  6. If you're doing a Mk III, you'll need to block in some windows in the nose, fill the oil cooler intakes in the wing leading edges and blank the landing light in the port wing cheers John
  7. 12jaguar

    Stirling V

    I should of course said tailcone not nose...doh! John
  8. 12jaguar

    Stirling V

    Well I happen to have a Mk V conversion (sorry but promised to a mate once lockdown is over), I think it's a heritage models conversion. The nose plug still has the resin gate attached so unfortunately I can't confirm the width at the transparency. I can confirm however that the dimension between the strakes on the nose cone is 9/32" for 1/72 scale. It's worth noting that not all MkVs had the transparency and many had an all metal nose. eg https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205126847 regards John
  9. a couple to get her going RAFA https://www.rafa.org.uk/what-we-do/advice-and-support/veteran-disability-compensation/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIj83el6_c6AIVg7HtCh1KaAKZEAAYASAAEgLFP_D_BwE War pension https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/veterans-uk hope that helps John
  10. And I seem to recall that there's a Stirling lurking somewhere in Tom's to finish list John
  11. perhaps 'inherently unstable' is too strong a description by me certainly for normal operation the aircraft required autostabs, which could be switched out in an emergency, and I'm sure if Fritag is around would describe the ride as a lot more uncomfortable with them off. John
  12. You'll be surprised where asbestos can turn up on an airframe. We had to engage with the manufacturers to identify Jaguar components that contained it; the list ran to hundreds and it doesn't always come down to the asbestos tape or firewall material that you'd immediately think of Asbestos was used as a binding material in the fuel tank sealant (PRC) and was also found in the adhesive used to bond the honeycomb skins together pre 1974. We had to include refernces in the Repair manuals to warn maintainers to take appropriate precautions if they had to drill into honeycomb structure. Also found in gaskets and within individual electrical components. I'd image Eastern Bloc designs may have had a more cavalier attitude to Elf n safety John
  13. In CAA terms, the Jag is classed as a 'Complex' aircraft, in that it has reheat, is inherently unstable (although it can be flown without auto-stabilisers in an emergency) and more to the point has powered flying controls with No manual reversion. Towards the end of service, the wings were flown by inspection, in that they had to have regular (expensive) NDT inspections, as they were nearing the end of their fatigue life. Your wing unzipping due to fatigue at low level and 500kts can really ruin your day.... John
  14. Hi there I'm more into aircraft than military vehicles so forgive my ignorance. I picked up a part built model of the above from a charity shop, having stripped it back, I've found a few parts missing which I can replace but the decal sheet is awol. has anyone got the 22 REME option decals spare as I can't find anything like numbers or division markings on line. TIA John
  15. Me...I was just a simple Rigger LOL not to blame for playing with wiggly amps... John
  16. sounds like you was at Wyton the same time as me (EWAD 1989 - 95) John
  17. in essence this aircraft has been known about for some time, what is relatively new is that RNLAF are going to recover the aircraft, I guess this is what the media have picked up on. We've borrowed parts from the civilian recovery group in the past which we've used as patterns (seat structure etc). One of the most significant parts we have from this aircraft is the Pilots windscreen de-icer pump John
  18. as usual they couldn't even spell the name correctly...
  19. Thanks for the news article. As it says she was originally misidentified as BK710 but has now been correctly identified as BK716. Large parts of this aircraft have been on display at Fort Veldhuis and we have a number of parts incorporated into our flight deck build John (Stirling Aircraft Project)
  20. Hi Fritag grey cells working overtime for me, was 'Combat' auto generated dependent on IAS and AOA? John
  21. Hi Massimo Slats are In, Fully out and Combat (between the 2) again these were set by measurement not angle. I'm sure Freitag will be along to elaborate on Slat position for take off (I assume fully out)
  22. It was a looong time ago but we Riggers didn't set the flaps up by angular displacement but as a dimension taken from the 'pen nib fairing' (Trailing edge between the inner & outer flaps). For some strange reason ISTR that the I/b flap was something like 450mm at max extension, I can't recall the o/b flap dimension. If you're really interested I can see if I can dig out the AP guide for flap set-up John
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