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  1. Hardly, roasted all week... and still melting now... shall be getting back on with the Buffalo this week coming before I start my Canadian Group Build project..
  2. Currently on holibobs in West Wales.. so will continue upon my return
  3. Well definitely got AS-12 as AS-11 is Medium Sea Gray... shall give it a go
  4. Yes, have seen photos of the F4F-3 which is currently on display at the Naval Air Museum at Pensacola and its more grey than metal in its finish and as you say definitely a glossy finish. I can't recall whether i had bought AS-11 or AS-12 shall have to go check
  5. Here we are, think may need at least another coat of this brush painted or a spray coat from the rattle can.. Can then start masking the Wings for painting.
  6. Thanks Johnny, She no longer has a black dress having had a coat of Tamiya XF-16 Aluminium now. I was going to spray it with the Rattle can I bought but am not sure as I've almost always brushed my models.. will sleep on it and see. The canopy is on now, masked and waiting for paint.
  7. Pilot now seated in his cockpit Airframe painted Nato Black ready for masking
  8. Well finally received the kit from E-Models.. joy of delays from Evri (previously known as Hermes) Here's some shots of the Kit box, sprues and decal sheet. Now kit is in hand, time to ponder what to do regarding Bang Seats, Also there is no decal or etching of the Miniature Detonation Cord in the Canopy.. so have seen on internet that a company in US produces the Canopy Seals and MDC for the Canopy in resin so might pick these up.. Also looking at Resin wheels as well.. Lots to ponder and prepare prior to starting my build
  9. Finally a bit more of a substative update as E-Models delivered my tin of Tamiya X-11 Silver I was missing.. amongst other things lol. Control stick Painted Undercarriage Linkage arms painted Wings added and dry-fitted.. now glued into place And last not least tailplanes glued into place, Next up will be assembling the rear of the cockpit with the Life Raft container and the roll bar, ready for the canopy to be installed prior to masking fuselage for priming and then spraying. (Will be fun as am planning on using rattle can... ) Thanks for looking
  10. Well the day has come for the beginning of the Group Build, at present am still waiting for the Kit to arrive for this build. It appears to be still in Hermes/Evri's depot. Anyway I will be building a Hobbyboss BAe Hawk Mk.100/102 kit as the Royal Canadian Air Force's CT-155 Hawk advanced trainer. The kit will be utilising Caracal Decals Canadian Hawk set and specifically the commemorative scheme based on the 419 Squadron Lancaster marked VR-W. I shall probably get some resin Bang seats too and then ponder what to do about the Centreline Fuel/Baggage pod which no manufacturer seems to make in 1/48 scale. Photos when the kit turns up.
  11. I know.. it's an odd pose as majority of Pilot Figures are posed with either hands on stick and throttle or just sitting with hands outstretched... I'm still awaiting some paints without which I can't progress this build.. Typical would run out halfway through. D'oh....
  12. Hello there Luke, welcome aboard
  13. Well, Buffalo is on hold for a little while whilst I wait for some X-11 to turn up as I unfortunately ran out and my local hobbycraft didn't have any in stock.. Joy of hardly any brick and mortar model shops near to me.. Decided to kill some time and paint the pilot..
  14. @zebra Hi there can I put my name down to join this Group Build please. Many regards Matt
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