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  1. A model without a disaster is like a bowling ball with a liquid centre. It just doesn't exist. Did you try adding damage after you'd painted the camo?
  2. Instead of opening a new thread, I thought I would just continue this one. As my scheme is December 1944, I believe the interior scheme should be lower hull primer red, upper surfaces ivory/cremeweiss, and engine/transmission/other parts mid grey. I have seen some conflicting information on what would be appropriate for this time (I know in late 1944/early 1945 interiors were full primer but this was scrapped in Feb 1945) as some seem to paint the hull red with grey horizontal surfaces and cremeweiss vertical surfaces, while other go for all grey below and all cremeweiss above etc. Just wanted to know which one would be more appropriate for the late 1944 timeframe. I am leaning towards the red lowers, cremeweiss uppers and some details picked in grey.
  3. Gumboot


    Hiya Martin, Hasegawa do a 1/32 D-9 if you can get your hands on it. I built it a few years back and it was a really decent kit, although the upgrades I had required some surgery
  4. Top stuff, thanks longbow
  5. Thanks longbow, so in terms of chipping the primer on the interior, would you see more or less in the fighting compartment?
  6. When you say rear wall do you mean the firewall or the back plate with the exhausts? I had a slight issue with the firewall but put that down to tightness from the sides. Nothing a little super glue and force couldn't fix
  7. Thanks Dov, I've got Ammo Rotobraun there which looks a good match. Building has been great so far with hardly any issue. A few fidly bits and I'm.findingnit hard not to just glue it all together without painting. Thoroughly enjoying it so far Did you come across any issues during your build?
  8. Thanks mate. I thought as much but didn't want to go chipping in the wrong colour
  9. Evening all, I am currently building the RFM panther G with full interior and have opted for the Normandy 1944 scheme. The interior is painted in red primer with an off white fighting compartment although I am not sure whether the primer was painted over the whole interior with white over top or not. I did a search online and in the forum and not found the answer yet. Is anyone know the answer?
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