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  1. You did a very neat job, congrats! This kit is next on my bench. I just did the Pagani Huayra from Aoshima and it was a disaster haha. How is this kit fitment, did you encounter any issues?
  2. Thanks a lot! I don't know why I thought it is really cool to show my hand next to the car. Apparently it isn't xD
  3. Just ireal! Looking forward to seeing the evolution. Really sad that I can't find these kind of stuff on YouTube Good luck!!
  4. Thanks Keith! I've used ZP paint and ZP clear coat for the exterior. First time I am using this brand, and I can say that I am really happy with it!
  5. Thanks! As a matter of fact, it is my 6th build now, and I can finally say I am happy with the paint result! I finally learned how to properly sand / polish, which is a very time consuming but satisfying operation haha
  6. Very nice result, congrats, this is a piece of history, even my parents were not born at that time lol! I think I would've had a heart attack if the kit would'e broken as it happened to you, you fixed it very well and is seamless in the end! Which color did you use for the interior?
  7. Hi fellow modellers, After 2 months of work, I managed to finish my Aoshima kit, the Pagani Huayra. It is quite a coincidence to finish it now, considering that Pagani just announced their latest model, the Utopia. Regarding the kit itself, it has lots of pieces, somewhere around 300 (or more?). The kit looks amazing, having so many components it looks so real and exciting!! The only downside is that the body doesn't fit properly at all. I did test fitting before I started working on it, and even with that, at the end the front & rear fenders didn't fit properly. I think is the design of the kit which is not made to make bullet proof fitment, especially for the exterior parts. I don't recommend it to beginner modellers, because it is really too complicated. Regarding the paint, I finally managed to have a nice result (this is my 6th car). I used ZP paint, and ZP clear, wet sanded and then polished using the Tamiya compounds and the Dremmel tool. I am finally happy with the result!! So long story short, I filmed as I usually do a stop motion video, and I also took some pictures. I don't know how to attach pictures here, can someone help please? Let me know what you think about the build but also the video! Enjoy!:)
  8. Hahaha I am so glad that you watched my previous video and even remember it!!! I will make sure for the fun to put something in the next one which will be remembered as well! Working currently on Pagani Huayara from Aoshima, fingers crossed!
  9. Thank you! Glad to hear there are also stop motion fans around! There is not so much content about this topic on Youtube unfortunately, I hope it will grow
  10. I am very happy to hear my videos are making people smile! Thanks a lot for your kind words, and good luck with the builds! Thank you! I need Mr. Magician for some new builds, but I can borrow the doggo xD
  11. I love the color, good luck with the build! I am sure you will manage to solve all the problems!
  12. Thank you! Festina lente! Good stuff take time I've checked your current build as well, good luck with that! Are Revell kits any good? Never done one so far, but thinking to try soon.
  13. Hey Michael. Thanks for your feedback! I try doing new stuff each time I create a video. The music is from the Youtube free database (copyright free). The song name is: Leonell Cassio - A magical journey through space. Indeed, even the name says it's hypnotic haha. Regarding the kit, I totally recommend it, I had no issues, perfect fitment! I did before a Fujimi BMW 635 CSi and had so many troubles, this was such a relief :).
  14. Hello fellow modellers! I stopped by with another fun build, the Tamiya Ferrari F50. I filmed it as my previous builds, using the stop motion technique. This time, I took roughly 2000 pictures to have the 2 minutes video. Very time consuming, but very satisfying to see the end result! I put more effort and learnings from the past in the video editing, and I feel it is a bit more interacting now. Regarding the kit itself, it had a perfect fit, I convinced myself once again that the Tamiya kits are the best! I didn't have a single issue with it. I still need to improve my build technique, as you can see the build quality is not perfect. It has some paint imperfections, and I messed up the polish in some edges. My rotating tool touched the edge and scratch the paint. But I take it as a learning point, and I will improve next time. So enjoy the video, and let me know what you think about the build but also the movie! I do this as a hobby, and I am really curious to receive feedback, especially from people which share the same passion as I do!
  15. Thank you! The kit from Fujimi is decent, but still I had lots of troubles in fitting the parts at the end. You can see that the quality is lower than Tamiya in general, but also this kit has tons of parts.
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