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  1. Just to clear this up a bit, I've just been looking at the kit in detail and I can assure this is NO kerbside kit!   The engine and luggage compartments open, the engine is more detailed (and with a higher parts count) than any I've ever tackled and it even comes with its own engine stand for displaying the engine separately should you so wish.  The interior, suspension and steering are also highly detailed and with a total parts count of 233 for a 1:24 scale car kit it's going to be challenging to say the least.


    The over-priced pre-owned kits on fleabay are a curious mix of "standard" and "enthusiast" types.  The three-figure sums demanded by the "Enthusiast" kits are perhaps understandable but I suspect a lot of the sellers are chancers offering standard kits for the same sort of price and hoping the punters don't know the difference.

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  2. This one almost happened by accident.  I was browsing FleaBay looking at rare and unusual old kits and came across a 1:24 scale Dino Ferrari 246 kit by Fujimi, apparently as rare as 🦄💩 and commonly priced accordingly at anything from £75 to £112.  The one I found was being auctioned pre-owned and still at sensible money so I waited until the auction was nearly over and bid for it.  Obviously others had had the same idea and automatic bidding quickly took it into the silly money area so I backed out at the £40 mark with seconds to go and the price still hurtling upwards.  Feeling slightly hacked off at losing it I went hunting for another, only to discover that Fujimi had announced a new production run and Kent Models were taking pre-orders at £28.99!  I thus ended up with a brand-new kit for less than expected and also had the last laugh on the greedy gits who were trying to get stupid money for them.  Out of curiosity I checked again after a few days and found all those pre-owned and still for sale had been significantly reduced in price as word of the new run got around!  :evil_laugh:



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  3. The obvious place to start would be the bodyshell prep but I'm waiting for a Tamiya painting cradle/stand set to support it properly, so meantime I hit the conventional route and started the engine assembly.   Stealing shamelessly ideas and methods from other members here, plus the odd Youtube video to give me encouragement I decided to attempt wiring the engine, something I've never attempted before in 1:24 scale.  I ordered some 0.4mm black coated copper wire which arrived this morning and appears to be perfect for the job.  Utilising my trusty old mini-drill I carefully bored eight 0.4mm holes in the cylinder heads to take the plug wires, then removed the coil lead protrusion from the centre of the distributor cap and bored a somewhat larger (2mm) hole in it's place.  The idea being to drop the ends of all eight plug leads into this centre hole and at this small scale they'll look as if they're in their correct places on the dist cap by the time they're fanned out towards the spark plug locations.  It looked pretty convincing in the video, anyway!



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  4. 5 hours ago, Captain Slog said:

    Hi all, finally retired ...

    Ha!  That's what they all say.  I've been saying that for the last several years but no-one takes any effin' notice.  It's "now you're retired you can...." every  five minutes.  I hope you can avoid that and enjoy your modelling!     :post1:

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  5. What is this "retirement" of which you speak?  I've been trying to enjoy mine for a few years now - one day I'll get there I hope, but I suspect the sun doesn't shine that long!


    Welcome back!

  6. I was going to have a short break after completing the Isetta but I'm already suffering withdrawal symptoms, so herewith the start of another project.  As the more observant of you will have already gathered I'm a great admirer of late 1950s to late 1960s automotive design, when each car had it's own distinctive style as opposed to the amorphous blobs built since.  One car in particular has always drawn me like a magnet - the Mk II 1958-60 Ford Thunderbird, accurately nicknamed the Squarebird.  For years I've hankered after a kit of this piece of automotive art but until recently I was unaware of the existence of one in 1:24 scale.  Finding one on Fleabay a few weeks ago at sensible money was a real delight and after a suitable exchange of beer-tokens it arrived intact.  It's been sitting on a shelf tempting me all through the Isetta build and I've finally weakened.


    I'm going to have to be a bit more careful even than usual with this one as it's smaller scale than I prefer to build and I want to do it justice, so I'm hoping my eyesight and manual dexterity are up to the job!  It'll be a straight OOB build I'm afraid as I don't think anyone can improve on such a beautiful design.  It's a Monogram kit (but apparently distributed by Revell Germany) circa 1987 but appears to be the second or third evolution of the kit that originally emerged in 1958, the year the car itself was launched.  I'll be interested to see how the quality stacks up against other recent builds.




    Despite being well second-hand the kit appears to be complete and in excellent condition although several parts have become separated from the sprues, the only problem so far found being a scratch on the rear window which looks like it'll polish out with an hour or two's attention and some toothpaste.




    That's it for now, more when I get started.

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  7. ...and one final photo to rectify a cock-up of my own making which might make you chuckle at my expense!  In the initial set above I remarked that the sunroof didn't fit very well in the closed position.  Well, there's a reason for that - I'd sat it on the wrong friggin' way round!  :blush:


    This proves it fits as well as all the other parts in this excellent Revell kit, when applied correctly!



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