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  1. As I was saying many weeks ago, the sprayed 'shell has now had plenty of time to harden while I was otherwise occupied with the lunatic project you may have noticed elsewhere in these hallowed portals.


    I'm now back working on this one and have started populating the engine bay - battery, heater, brake master/servo and bracing struts added so far.



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  2. As mentioned earlier, Revell Aqua and Mr Hobby Aqueous acrylics are both water-based and excellent in my view.  They each provide thinners for them - Revell Aqua Color Mix and Mr Hobby Aqueous Color Thinner - which will each work perfectly well with either brand paints.


    As regards spraying I was lucky enough to be gifted one of these for Christmas and I can't praise it too highly.  For it's money it's an excellent solution, well made, efficient and easily foldaway to save space.

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  3. I wouldn't presume to give any advice on airbrushing as I've only just got back to it myself and use a Humbrol airbrush which is more like a miniature spraygun than an airbrush!  I would say however (for what it's worth!) that I've discovered that Revell Aqua acrylics are great to use, Mr. Hobby Aqueous acrylics are even better, they're both water-based acrylics which makes cleaning the airbrush (and everything else!) a doddle and lastly that Revell Aqua Color Mix thinner works wonderfully with both the aforementioned paint ranges.  These tips may be of no use whatsoever but anything is worth passing on.

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  4. Oh yes!  A project after my own heart, a restomod of '60s US iron.  Love the wheels, the finish is authentic, not over-glossy as seems to be the current fashion and beautifully executed.  The custom front and rear ends are excellent, especially the T-Bird rearlight cluster, and suit the model well - this is what a spares box is for, innit?  Super job. 

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  5. 2 hours ago, Lee1 said:

    @dbostream Thank you, that is great advice that I really need to hear. I think I'm always comparing myself to the best modellers on here or on YouTube, and I'm therefore setting myself up to be disappointed. But when I'm in the middle of a build, in that flow state, painting or glueing things together - I'm happy. It's such a great hobby, relaxing while also being challenging!

    I know what you mean!  When I first came across this forum I was bowled over by the standard some of the modellers here achieve and was hesitant to place any of mine on here, but all abilities (from them down to mine!) are equally welcome here and I find that there's a lot to be learned simply by following their projects and a huge amount of pleasure to be had from seeing what they achieve.  Their support and friendly encouragement spurs me on to achieve more and I've improved no end as a result.

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  6. For those of you who haven't been following the build thread, here it is...




    spacer.png    spacer.png








    There's not much to add that hasn't been said in the build thread.  Thanks to everyone who followed it's progress from a casual challenge from a younger brother, via the mankiest resin bare bodyshell I've ever seen, accompanied by an incomplete donor kit and a LOT of bad language.  During it's progress I re-learned how to handle a (VERY) basic airbrush, how to use acrylic paints, what a royal pain in the knickers resin bodies are to carve about and how good it is to have some folks following the build, offering encouragement and not publicly laughing at my efforts to wrangle the damn' thing into some semblance of a plausible vehicle!

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  7. Having gone to the trouble of making and fitting front & rear screens I found it looked a lot more convincing without them so out they came again.  The grille looked better in black, more in keeping with the car's style, thus it was made so.  A few decals were added purely for atmosphere, salvaged from the donor (the only ones that didn't break up as soon as they hit the water - it's a VERY old donor!) and a couple of suitably big-bore tailpipes complete the beast.








    It's not brilliant but bearing in mind what I started with I'm reasonably happy with it and the main thing is that the challenge has been met.


    Now to post it in the RFI section.  To those of you who've stayed with it and offered valuable comments, thanks for your interest.  It ain't exactly concours (!) but it was fun.


    EDIT:  RFI thread with larger set of pics here...

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