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  1. Nah, that won't do it either.  The sort of idiot we're talking about here often suffers from twin problems:


    1)  Selective reading ability, they're incapable of reading - or even noticing - anything that doesn't fit in with their world.


    2)  The supreme overriding belief that rules don't apply to them because they're special. 



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  2. Now the chassis, first painted...




    ...before fitting the exhaust system and horn, then mounting the engine assembly.








    It's a bit different (to say the least!) from building a conventional vehicle as everything is an unexpected shape and in an unexpected place!  The parts fit and moulding quality continues to be excellent and I have to admit I'm enjoying this build.


    Next will be the floor pan, essentially an integral part of the structure as it's stepped, the seat sits on top of it and the engine beneath it.  More painting to do before there's anything further to show.  Stay tuned folks...

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  3. On 10/02/2023 at 12:13, The Rat said:

    ...and the horses escape. Other times, you lock it tight and some idiot still manages to get in.


    Hello folks, After stealing ideas from this board for years I'm now willing to risk your reputation and pull up a chair. My area of expertise plastic torture is mostly in the What if? genre, where skills are less important than just having fun. A lot of whiffers are already on here, so you will mostly find me hanging out in heir corner of the board. 


    Real name: David Bailey. Not the photographer who hung out with supermodels and rock stars.

    Location: Romantic Pickering, Ontario. immediately east of Toronto. I will neither confirm nor deny that Pickering is where Toronto sends people it doesn' want.

    Age: 69 chronologically, 99 physically, 9 mentally.

    Other hobbies: Photography, nature, canoeing, aerospace, skepticism, all indulged in with enthusiasm unbounded by knowledge and intelligence.


    On with the show! 

    Sounds like you're going to fit in here just fine!  Welcome, c'mon in.  Bar's to your right, coffee machine on the left, help yourself.  😀

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  4. :post1:


    Hi, good to see you and extreme sympathies for the dreadful situation your country finds itself in.  Your English is certainly good enough for me to understand, just don't ask about my Ukrainian!  :giggle:

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  5. ...Isetta 250.  (I wonder how many of you have clicked on this thread only to be disappointed?   :evil_laugh:)


    After the Mustang this is like going from the sublime to the ridiculous but I've always had a fondness for bubblecars having owned a Heinkel/Trojan Kabine in my teens - I wish I could find a Kabine kit but no luck so far, therefore this is as close as I can get to one.  You need a sense of humour to own one but the grin factor is enormous, I had more fun driving that thing than any other car since and I've had a few firebreathers over the years.  It is often said (and proven hilariously by the indescribable Jeremy Clarkson) that 3-wheelers are unstable but that doesn't apply to bubblecars, they sit so low that their CG is only a few inches (a few cm in new money) off the ground and it's almost impossible to roll one.


    However, back to the plot...








    First impressions of the kit (supplied as a pre-owned by Kingkit and well up to their excellent standards) are good, moulding quality is very good, the kit is comprehensive (an awful lot of parts to go into such a small car!), the decals are innovative (including whitewall striping for the tyres and tartan-like seat covers) and the instructions are very clear, in full colour and including a colour guide which even gives the Revell paint codes.


    The engine is first to be assembled (a far cry from the Ford 289 V8 mounted in the last model!) and the parts fit is excellent, much better (as you'd expect) than the AMTs I've been building of late...




    ...more anon....

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  6. @Fred piket: there, I fixed that for you...




    I use imgbox and find it easy to use - just open the image, right-click on it and select "copy image link", then paste it into the Britmodeller thread using the link at the bottom right of the posting window that says "Insert image from URL".


    @Sabrejet: I wholeheartedly endorse your comment, I've found just the same during the year or so I've been here.  Nice F104 Starfighter, by the way!

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  7. Certainly use acrylics but be aware that there are two main types - water-based and what you could roughly call spirit-based.  You will need to ensure you're using the correct thinners for whichever type you choose.  For example, Tamiya and Mr Color are both Japanese spirit-based acrylics, whilst Revell Aqua and Mr Hobby Aqueous are both water-based acrylics.  I personally prefer Mr Hobby Aqueous or Revell Aqua as I find water-based acrylics easy to use with my (extremely basic Humbrol) airbrush and I use Revell Aqua Colour Mixer for thinning them both.  Each to their own though and everyone will have their preferred brands.  Vallejo are a firm favourite here but not for my purposes as they're all matt colours.


    Have a look further down the forum homepage and you'll find some tips and tricks threads where a huge amount of information awaits you!

  8. Wot that Aussie chap said.  Welcome from the other end of the UK!


    Fear not, the crew here are a pretty gentle lot.  I'd also be interested in knowing what your preferred area is.  Mine is car modelling but it takes all sorts!  :happy:

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  9. 5 hours ago, Mike said:

    It seems to be happening occasionally at the moment, and I'm going to look into it with our Hosts shortly.  @Julien said it was down for a bit earlier, but I missed it and he couldn't produce pics, so I pretended it didn't happen. :)


    I feel like the server's stability is deteriorating as time goes by, and that ain't what we're paying for. :(

    I'm no web developer and don't claim to be a hosting expert but 40+ years as an IT professional also tells me your hosting company is under-performing and as a result the site is under-resourced somewhere.  Give 'em a kick from me, would you? 

  10. I'm in a similar dilemma.  Specifically a Revell car kit which has quite a few decals needing to be laid on a fairly flat surface over water-based acrylic gloss paint.  I've read several dire warnings about using decal softeners or fixers over water-based acrylics and am tempted to just go with warm water, maybe with a drop of washing-up liquid or white vinegar.  Anyone with experience of using them on water-based acrylics?

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