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  1. Well, the longest journey starts with a single step and I've just bitten the bullet and commenced the build. First job was to re-bag it in clear bags to make finding parts easier as quite a few are loose having become detached from the sprues. I was pleased to note that the PVC tubing supplied for ignition wiring and radiator hoses is much nearer the correct scale diameters than the previous AMT 1:16th scale (Ford Thunderbird) build which had to be discarded in favour of garden tying wire. Also pleased to note the old-fashioned instructions are much more comprehensive than more recent evolutions in that they have quite verbose and detailed written descriptions of each stage in addition to the excellent diagrams - a rarity it seems these days. Basic engine assembly... ...I'm going for the custom engine build, hence the twin carb option on the intake manifold.
  2. Thanks a lot for checking it out. As you have seen it's the original, not the clear version. I am extremely tempted but dare not commit to an open-ended and probably quite substantial carriage charge without knowing even vaguely what the cost would be.
  3. The Heinkel was my first "car" and I have very fond memories of it but never knew there was a kit ever produced of it, so I was delighted to read this. I've just had a quick search for this one and located one in Japan. I would have bought it despite it's 20,000 yen pricetag (about £121.00 sterling) apart from the fact that they will not give any indication of shipping costs until AFTER the order is placed! NOT a way to do business IMHO.
  4. clearly and succinctly put Sir Cumference! That's precisely what I had in mind.
  5. The poor OP must be thoroughly confused by now - this reads a bit like explaining the rules of cricket to a non-UK resident!
  6. Me too. The build story and pics are fascinating, the attention to detail, quality, skill and creativity shown is to an amazing standard.
  7. Wot they said! A truly amazing model of a beautiful car. Oooh, that engine bay...!
  8. No worries, the Mods have sorted it out, bless 'em. There are many members here, the pool of knowledge is vast and help is always forthcoming. Speaking personally I'm only too glad to help in whatever small way I can in return for the mass of helpful tips and information I've gleaned from this site during the short time I've been a member. I feel sure others feel the same way too.
  9. I can only add my admiration to the rest, that is one stunning model. I'm lucky enough to have actually driven one years ago and the interior of your model is so accurate I could imagine I was sitting in it again.
  10. Thanks people, thoughts and advice appreciated as always.
  11. Thanks for the interesting information regarding the kit's history - and the reassurance! I find it impossible to keep track of all the takeovers, mergers and buyouts that occurred in the kit manufacturing world during the last half of the 20th century to the point where I haven't a clue who owns what, who built which, where or what the heck happened to them.
  12. You read my mind John, I was wondering whether to query the installation of the flux capacitor but you got there first! I'm not sure about this one - at first I thought "NO! Sacrilege!" as I'm inordinately fond of the GT40 shape, but seeing what's going on with it is fascinating, wonderfully creative and makes me smile too. I can't wait to see how it ends up...
  13. This will be my next big project, one which I've been saving (savouring?) for a while and looking forward to starting now I feel I have the confidence to make a half decent job of it. I have no idea of it's vintage other than it's pretty old and I remember it first being launched back in the late 1960s or early 70s. I bought it as a previously owned kit from Kingkit who check and guarantee complete - as you'll see from the photos they've been pretty thorough about it too... The box simply says "Made in U.S.A. by THE ERTL COMPANY, Dyersville, Iowa" with a part no. of #6722. It has obviously been inspected and carefully re-packed - this is what greeted me when I first opened the box... Each package carefully heat-sealed and it all looks to be in excellent condition... I must admit I'm impressed by Kingkit, this is far better packaged than most new kits I've bought. I've seen one of these (I think) already built on this forum, to an amazingly high standard which I have no hope of equaling, but it will serve not only as a spur to do my best but an unashamed crib if I hit problems! The body colour will be Tamiya TS-53, a beautiful rich dark metallic blue, with interior colours yet to be decided but I have white and light grey Humbrol satin paints in stock, plus a Revell Lufthansa Blue satin acrylic which has just arrived and looks promising. This won't be a quick build as I want to take my time, savour the experience and put as much into it as I'm capable of, so updates may be few and far between but I'll try and make it interesting.
  14. I'm a bit puzzled - I thought all green 2CVs came with a Save The Whales sticker on the door as standard...
  15. Hi Andy, welcome to the forum! I've only been here a few months meself but have learned a lot from the folks here who are both helpful and generous with their knowledge. friendly bunch, too.
  16. (Settles down with beer and crisps to hand) This is a bit different, it's going to be fascinating to see how you tackle it as well as the result.
  17. The Beetle gradually became visible in the late 1950s and by the mid '60s was pretty popular. When I was buying my first car in 1967 I aspired to one but couldn't quite afford it and had to settle for a 105E instead.
  18. I can confirm the Triumph Vitesse, the second car is definitely a Ford Y-Type, the truck is a Bedford, FOB730 is definitely an Austin but I couldn't tell you which one, ditto the van behind it.
  19. That's a great looking model! Surely being able to produce such a good result from a crap kit is much more of an achievement than one built from a top-notch manufacturer. Of course, if you were after true realism you would have included rust bubbles around the windscreen, the door mirror would be just a stub, one door would be held on with baler twine or wire and there would be a bale of straw on the back seat. Or a sheep...
  20. Me too! I'd also like to see more kits of classic '60s supercars that have been somewhat overlooked - the Lamborghini Espada, Iso Grifo, Maserati Quattro Porte and Ghibli, even the Monteverdi. Beautiful cars but very rarely modelled. I had to search for a long time before I found a Miura kit, they're rare enough. I take your point about licensing Ferrari models. Such a shame though, just imagine a 250SWB or a 250LM kit!
  21. Welcome to the forum! The Phantom and Corsair are simply stunning, some of the best I've ever seen.
  22. @CliveB: As previously suggested above, try a fresh install of either Firefox or Chrome without any add-ons as a start point. Opera and Edge both have their problems and neither can be described as "industry standard" these days.
  23. Oooooh! I am VERY tempted. My last 1/8th scale kit was the Monogram Jaguar E-Type which I completed about half a century ago and still have. My younger brother also owned a 1973 vintage 1:1 scale Trans-Am for a while and they are an amazing car to own. OK, it'll need a bit of work but the end result has got to be worth it.
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