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  1. I was a bit puzzled too. I Czeched everywhere but couldn't find any references either!
  2. That makes two of us! You only have to look at my profile to understand that.
  3. Just a quick update, production having been held up by the vagaries of Hermes/Evri/Whatever-they're-called-this-week delivering much-needed paint supplies. Having read Matt's superbly informative article on vehicle spraying I decided to throw off some of my 20th Century habits and instead of spending the best part of a week painstakingly rubbing down the body panels with wet 2000 grit I opted for Tamiya Fine Surface Primer, which arrived today. Grabbing the opportunity of mild relatively calm weather I applied two very light coats and the result is probably the most boring photo ever posted on these hallowed portals... Sorry about the shadow, it was taken after dark and I couldn't avoid it. At least it looks a little better than the native coloured plastic! More when the weather allows...
  4. I used to drive one of these back in the day. It was a diesel, too. One of the other drivers was so heavy-footed he could use the low-speed torque of the diesel engine to get wheelspin in the first three gears! I'll tag along if I may, just for the nostalgia of it.
  5. Yup, all present and correct now. I can also say that the pics are well worth seeing! Great work @Dimitris Vasilopoulos, really high standard.
  6. Photos not visible for me either. I' guessing it's a problem with the photo hosting site. The error message says "picture not found or was removed".
  7. Me too in all respects! Welcome to the forum.
  8. Speaking as a Mod on another forum I feel your pain. Like the sick and needy it's a problem that's always with us.
  9. Apart from a slightly different colour scheme it'll be OOB, the original is such a beautiful piece of automotive art I could never bring myself to alter anything about it. The only example was painted quite a cold silver but such a light silver it was hard to tell from white, so I've ordered Tamiya TS-45 Pearl White which I think will be a slightly more suitable colour. As regards the interior, the upholstery was originally silver but they very quickly discovered the disadvantages of it (basically the silver wore off rapidly, often depositing itself on the clothing of the VIPs it carried!) and re-upholstered it in either white or a very light grey, one of which I'll settle for. Dashboard will be dark blue as per most of the photos I can find and the carpets and lower panels will be dark blue or grey. I'm not going for a rivet-counted accurate repro, just want to present it in the best light possible.
  10. It'll be a little while yet - I need to finish the Mustang and tackle the Isetta first - but I'm looking forward to it as much as you are.
  11. ...and here it is, having arrived today... From the looks of the box it's been in storage for a very long time but inside it looks to be perfect - complete, all internal packaging intact. Well worth the effort (and the cost!) to get it here.
  12. I feel like a big kid today. Not only was this gifted by Mrs N for my birthday (courtesy of KingKit) a week or so ago... ...but the long-awaited Lamborghini Marzal kit has just arrived from Tenerife! As far as I can see it's complete, unstarted and undamaged. The box is open but all internal packaging is intact.
  13. So's mine, I reckon I'm about a year and a half away from a cataract operation but that, unfortunately, is Life and we just have to deal with it. You have my sympathies!
  14. "Possibly"? A rather nice understated custom job though.
  15. Great looking model so far, I love the unusual paint (for an E-Type) job and the under-bonnet detail work is top-notch!
  16. Yup, it's a Ford Model 48, circa 1935 vintage. It superceded the Model 40 and ran from '35 to '41, I think. The precise year of this one is 1936 but it's often hard to pin down as they had a cosmetic refresh most years which changed the grille style fairly drastically each time.
  17. Had a bit of a "Duh!" moment this afternoon. One thing I've hitherto found difficult is hanging doors. No matter how hard I struggle, test-fit, shape and sand I can't seem to get the doors of a model car to hang correctly when finally assembling them. Determined not to have this problem with the Mustang I trial-fitted them as usual and then it occurred to me that I was going about it in the wrong way, faithfully following the instructions and painting the door frame/inner panels, spraying the outer door skins, then assembling them and lastly adding them to the car. This time I've trial-fitted them while still in bare plastic, then glued the outer and inner parts together and fitted them again while the plastic weld was still tacky, adjusting them until a really good fit was achieved then clamping them firmly before removing the assembly from the car to dry. It's the little things... ....it also means I'll have to spray the doors once assembled but again this is a Good Thing - the door shuts, hinges etc. need to be the body colour anyway and the interiors will be hand-painted once spraying is completed. I'm sure this is obvious to most of you but I felt quite chuffed I'd worked it out.
  18. That really is superb. You've achieved a better result than I did with a 1/16th scale AMT T-bird kit last year. Well done!
  19. Thanks @HOUSTON for your kind comments. I'm gradually improving and pleased with what I've done to date. Several of the improvements have been entirely down to helpful comments and tips from other members for which I'm really grateful.
  20. "But...but...where would I park it?" Anywhere you like!
  21. It is as far as I'm concerned! Currently it's coming down hard, bouncing up six feet (1.82 metres) and coming down a second time...
  22. That's useful information, thanks! I'll do just that. Finding an opportunity this time of year is going to be "interesting" but right now I don't need a hygrometer - a wetsuit and aqualung would be more appropriate today!
  23. Just a quick update... Before starting to prep the bodyshell I thought it'd be an idea to have a quick trial fit onto the rolling chassis, basically to see if I could fit the front and rear chin panels before spraying to achieve a smoother more unified finish. Sadly not the case as it would cause problems mating the 'shell to the chassis further down the line. I did, however, come across the first real problem in that, having opted for the custom wheels, the rear wheels don't fit under the wheel-arches as the track is too wide - obviously whoever added the custom options to the kit didn't actually try that option before signing it off! Sorry for the lack of pics at this point, I ran out of hands trying to illustrate the problem! After a lot of measuring and realigning I found I could gain about 3mm each side by shortening the rear axle housing by 1mm or so, then removing 2-3mm from the inside of the wheel hubs, all achieved by a combination of a razor saw and a small abrasive Dremel tool bit mounted in a 12v mini-drill running at a VERY slow speed. I also had to drill out the wheel centres very slightly to accommodate more of the metal axle but the end result is that the custom rear wheels now fit snugly under the wheel-arches and all is once again well with the world. Now, back to the bodyshell prep. As the weather has now turned cold and damp I'm not sure when I'll be able to spray it as my "spray-booth" is the garage which is also full of classic car. This means I only have a small area at the front and have to spray with the garage door open - not a good idea this time of year. Oh well, I have other projects I can work on whilst awaiting suitable conditions. Thanks as always for reading, sorry this isn't more interesting right now.
  24. S'funny, that happens to me occasionally. Nothing to do with me, honest! Oh no no no...
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