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  1. Looks very good, may i suggest something regarding the wheel bays? I would like to see the wheel shrouds to be thinner as in the real plane. I don't know if this is possible or has to do with the printing process just saying. I must have my model ready by late Oct due to local model show, so i hope those sets will be ready soon.
  2. Can the original kit wheels be used to your new legs? Asking this because I have a aftermarket set which has the same dimensions as Revell's wheels.
  3. I think you should use real tire dimensions and then build something that looks good with your eye into the model, most possible reason is that Revell LG is not exactly as the real thing that is why when you put the exact copy of the real it looks wrong. Hypersonic models made a review on the revell kit (i am sure this guy has some very serious info on this airplane) and said that Revell wheels are wrong but maybe correct for the model. So in conclusion maybe use Revell wheels dimensions. Thomas
  4. Actually detailed photos of the SR 71 are quite rare, I was looking for the parachute bay and hardly I have found one picture with the half bay opened. This plane still keeps its secrets.
  5. You may think a separate tyre and rim, this will make silver tyre painting more easy with an airbrush. I have a set of 3D printed wheels this way and it is not a bad idea.
  6. I will agree with this, revell didn't got the time to polish the mould, so the rough surface. Anyway it is still an impressive model.
  7. Very nice so far but I wonder why you have this silvering since the surface was gloss. Maybe Revell decals are not that good. I will be very cautious with mine now that I saw this. NLG bay looks fantastic and much much better than Revells.
  8. In Greece we have a few of them left in air force bases incl. a two seater in a museum, nice airplane and very big.
  9. Lovely little girl, i am sure the result will be very good, noticed a Hellenic air force F-102 at your cabinet?
  10. Can I buy a set of your landing gear bays from you? I have pause my construction until a set I available.
  11. Blackbird colour as per aircraft manual and after discussing with people that have served the real thing is C-144 Black (emissivity black). Just black, nothing more nothing less. Of course under scale you can play with other tones but I suggest not blue.
  12. Discovered this topic yesterday, no need to tell you that you are doing amazing work. I had just starting to adding some internal details in my nose wheel well but after your post i just paused my build until those parts are ready so i can buy a set..
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