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  1. Ah yes i get it totally,, you must be one of the gents from 2015-2017long ago on theshavingroom.co. who felt it was funny to post photos of men "entertaining themselves" on threads when you disagreed with the poster. Or were you one of those who discussed the best way to stuff the legs of a sheep/goat/dog into your wellies to violate laws concerning acts against nature.. or are you unhappy after realizing that some folk of sound reasoning could consider you to be failing in the snobbery or elitist problem?
  2. The only ones who seem to think the topic has meandered, or gone off of base, are the sort of folk who would think it "reasonable" for things like this to happen in life; 1. moderators to kill a thread and make mention that they were going to be "watching people who they disagreed with based on what they posted in the thread". Sort of like a moderator who eats a vegimite every day at work keeping tabs on those who prefer marmite and analyzing everything they post in a manner to make "I love my new bottle of glue" to be against the forum views on "shall not make posts promoting drug use" 2. Deleting someone's user account from a photo forum due to the person NOT LOGGING IN for 6 weeks... that just happened to me. Oddly not logging in in 6 weeks is "harressment". 3. Make fun of a dyslexic person because they cant read the ingredient list on a can of hair spray 4. Realized that the things they do are apparently falling under what others point out as being snobbish, elitist, or just outright undesirable traits. Sort of like when people think they be the bomb when all hashed up, but cant explain their actions to the judge.
  3. Dude ive never even tried to "circumnavigate a swearing filter" on here.. If i wants to teach the kiddos some new phrases, well i just say them. When i replied to that posting about someone learning what it means to Feltch, i was awful good and not give any descriptions of how to use it properly in a day to day conversation. But seeing this posting from you, and the insinuation that I am some irate evil person makes me want to haul out with a few of my more favorite inter personal phrases for stupid people. But I actually enjoy it when people get irate over what i say, because as a person who uses logic, it helps me realize that there are unhinged people on the forum. And those who dont like what i say, should simply reflect upon their shortcomings in life.
  4. yeah we discovered in ww2 that bullet catchers tlike the slope under those two turrets is not a good idea. Sure on the new panther you can see about what, a 6" vertical ledge under the turret ring that DOES some stoppage of shells, but the bottom of a turret isnt the greatest source of armor protection. that hatch in the turret, a definite bullet catcher... oh thats gonna cause problems. And on the panther that big triangular section that pops up in the turret top? every damned infantry man with a rifle is going to be aiming at it,, and its gonna just LOVE rpg hits...
  5. one COULD say that saying people who see snobbery are only saying that from THEM being snobbish is being snobbish. yep, my head hurts from trying to right that. I dont need to give someone "good intentions" when they write post after post about how special and important they are because they use a custom made straight razor that cost 800$ and 200$ shaving soap. Nor do i have to say it is a "self shame due to not having money to spend on hobby" when i get wee weed when the fools get snippy and demand blind obedience and devotion because i cant afford a 1500 dollar air compressor and 300$ air brush.
  6. watch?v=1K8rO4Ei610 is the video i copied, as he did the same prcoess with tamiya spray can and air brush primer, and well he did as the can label says,, start the spray off of the item to paint, and then sweep it across and then kill the spray when you are off of the item
  7. Surface Primer for Scale Models - YouTube
  8. recommend a good video showing how to use this stuff? im seeing a good bit of differences in youtube videos and im more confused.
  9. this is the only can of it i have used, so i dont know if its a wonky can, wonky user, or wonky technique. But the only times i actually think i got a proper coat on the model was when i was holding der nozzle 12" away from the model, and just letting the outer mist region hit it. could see right through it but those spots dried and i can feel the primer. the top edge of the fuselage was a lopsided beast, one side shaped like a pear in cross section and taller then the other side that was shaped like a pair. SOME how... the fuselage shape is 'pear in cross section" on both sides... this stuff has a wierd texture when sanded. those big blobs ended up drying about 1/32" thick, i had to do a lot of scraping to restore details.. and over all its become a body filler and not a primer.
  10. tried it today on model, not so good has issues i wasnt aware of. the can PULSES for some reason. And if i vary the angle of the can by even 1 degree from 90* to the ground, it goes from a mist to throwing out runny milk. NOT fun to learn when your doing the side of a plane. Is it better to decant this crap into my airbrush, or just get the regular stuff in a bottle and airbrush with that? Right now i need to figure out how to get it off a plane wing.
  11. it was a beautiful kaliedescope effect. And whence the thinner evaoparated i was left with a wee pile of goo.
  12. Tamiya chrome silver, had my first run in with it.. its SILVERY all right.. thank god for windex original, i dont have to worry about funny fingernails. Is it best to shaek the crap out of it with the lid on, and then stir it up? I popped the lid, stirred it up, but didnt like scraping the pigment buildup from the lid and the bottom of the bottle to get it mixed. And serious question with tamiya acrylic chrome silver, it SHIMMERS in the bottle when mixed, and when dripped into 91% isopropyl alcohol, it boils,,, always turning and moving and changing until the alcohol gets below a certain paint/IPA ratio, then its just a silver puddle with darker specks in it.
  13. the scent chemicals are toxic. Worse if your allergic to chemical scents..
  14. but when you realize the scenting chemicals they use are actually more toxic then modelling glue... well one has to worry about all the brain damage..
  15. testors non toxic i believe is that fun stuff with a citrus style scent.. that how it has always smelled to me. Still i wouldnt even do the empty tube trick, couldnt really because the tubes from the early 90's i had, when they were rolled up and squeezed up, they would glue to themselves internally.
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