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  1. oh a review of the movie put it forth the entire original n3200 was flown for the movie and used for footage. I honestly didnt see that as being accurate due to the age of the craft and the cost of the craft.
  2. off chance, that photo of the n3200 crash, what happened ot the plane? i saw that it was supposedly the original n3200 frame used in that dunkirk film for 1 fighter used in the film
  3. decided on going with the xf3. On the overall float plane scheme, i think ill go with the wartime camo and use tamiya xf-26 deep green for the body. reasoning is that its more in correlation with olive drab being painted on that bright and shiny as h### chrome silver, without having to get olive drab and painting it over chrome silver.
  4. Sorry, this item is no longer available Thats the one I love.. its best thing i have ever found. sadly the year i found it, everyone in the united states stopped carrying it, then a year later they changed the package size.
  5. As most of you guys are british, ill have a go with this old standby question. Do any of you know of a mythical stash of Erasmic shave stick in the red box located somewhere in the UK?
  6. timbertech airbrushes, home office is the nederlands. great customer service. you can get a nice kit with 3 sizes of needles and nozzles for less then the cost for the airbrush that hooks to a spray can of air. and on cleaning them... paint takes time to dry right?
  7. funny thing is, the instructions say to use chrome yellow for the US wings,, but that color is discontinuted by testors, and the box art doesnt match with what shows up in photos for the paint.. SO im deffinitely going to need to get more paint,, yippee, the yellow with red is it.. On the paint job, the box art only has a black section in front of the front cockpit, while that photo above shows black paint in front of both cockpits..
  8. the pt-20kit that arrived today says the floatplane is intended to be a nederlands airforce stm-s2 float plane.. the kit box photos show it as overall silver wings and body, with off grey floats... but the vitachrome corporation decals only include the orange triangles and plane number for the dutch, the orange rudder is a "get your own paint on it" if you want the box paint scheme in chrome silver delivery attire. Still the green is an itneresting one to pursue..
  9. Done some more research on the kit.... seems its a simple build, the complexity comes from the minimal rigging, and painting the included water landing base if you do the sea plane version. See bits of a company called Fisher that made a 1/32 scale kit. Seen yellow as the standard wing color, but white and plain silver/aluminum fuselage covering.
  10. thats what i am trying to find, in essence a build log with actual explanation and detail of what is actually done.. its nice to read "then i applied a wash to the cockpit instrument panel, painted,,, etc..." then see a finished product, but id actually like the steps in between
  11. But thats a cause of another problem. Its easy to see user99 do a panel wash on his instrument panel and be treated like a god, or see how user357 does a panel wash and homemade turnbuckles on his plane, but its not easy to tie things together onto a different model
  12. please lets not get started on what black is in the flower world... then when the carrier agent dissipates the color changes again.. sadly..
  13. then whats the best yellow to get from tamiya? as long as i can use the chrome silver i dont mind getting a tiny bit of yellow, but this modelling paint really gets me going. Like imitation bacon.
  14. i dont have much in the way of paint right now.. that desert yellow is only one i have.
  15. Has there been a "build along" group build? I mean an educational one where one gifted person takes folks along from start to finish to do a detailed build on a simple kit.. or best way to say it every one buys an "easy low cost but good quality kit" , and then the educator simply goes along and builds it step by step and everyone else gets to follow and learn how to detail that lil kit into something better then out of box..
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