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  1. I think it looks fantastic.
  2. This looks fantastic, brilliant finish to one of my favourite vehicles. Its not an Ausf H though, that had a different fighting compartment and gun - you have a brilliant model of a marder III 7.62cm Pak 36(r) - Russian gun on the 38(t) chassis gob smacking finish for the scale
  3. Thats ok, I am trying to deal with older age now I am past 50 and forgetful..!!
  4. I would like to join this please, i have a Bf 110 to add to the party
  5. I think I would like to be involved in this one too please
  6. I would like to be included in this one please!
  7. sampanzer

    Sandy finish

    You don't say how much you paid, or the make of your airbrush, but in my experience it is worth spending on a good brand, its a long term investment and will be worth the extra £'s spent. Also, watch some 'how to' videos on you tube. there are lots out there and cover airbrushing in various types of paint, and some its really worth watching, MIG for example airbrush much differently to tamiya. Airbrushing is a skill and takes a long time to master, I am always apprehensive when i get the airbrush out, I don't paint often enough and its like starting as a beginner most times!!Half hour later I am comfortable enough to paint the model! Work on it and save up for an Iwata or Harder & Steenbeck airbrush, it will be worth it!
  8. If you mean the short post with a ring on the top, I believe it is a device to aid sighting the hull machine gun by the driver. It could be folded down if not required and if you look at pictures of command vehicles without a hull machine gun then the post is not there at all. I have a bit of a thing for the 38(t) and all the various variants built on the chassis, probably could call it an obsession!!
  9. Hand made and painted by Jay Boyle. Came over from Cyprus for the weekend. You can find him on facebook JB Miniatures
  10. sampanzer

    Telford 2019

    Along with the 20 or more other handsome devils in red IPMS Farnborough shirts...
  11. Hi Steve, I believe that they wore grey, same as stug crews.. Sam
  12. Hi there, my experience of Tristar kits was generally good, although I have their Panzer IV Ausf C and the upper hull was warped in that too, to the point that the kit is resting in my box of doom, waiting for me to revive it. Looks to me you have done a good job sorting it out though! Point on the 'tyres' they do this separate to ease painting, I have a tristar 38(t) on the go at the minute and it does help with painting, but I do agree it is a bit of a faff! I prefer to mask the road wheels where I can, much easier and straightforward!
  13. Well, I will try and post my pics tomorrow, but I spent 3-4 hours on Sunday evening cleaning up one side of wheels, and making one suspension unit, the suspension unit alone was at least 10 parts... slightly jeal looking wt these pics
  14. Loving the level of detail you are getting onto this and how good it looks for something so small..
  15. I built the Dragon F2 (G) last year, its a great kit, but as mentioned the destructions can get complicated in places, cross off the bits you have done as you go! Hopefully you will enjoy it! I am building my first ever aircraft at the minute, so I understand being out of your comfort zone!!!
  16. Stix, thanks for the tips re photos! I will try and amend them later. I was in Ian Allen shop last Tuesday, I work up there occasionally and take advantage to visit the book shop!
  17. This is the first time I have done an internet group build, and the first time in maybe 10 years I posted pictures online, so, here goes.... Ready for the off.. I will probably not use the tracks, I have a few spare sets of magic tracks I would prefer to use. http://Untitled by Sam Wilson, on Flickr http://Untitled by Sam Wilson, on Flickr http://Untitled by Sam Wilson, on Flickr Hopefully the pics come through.. I will aim to post updates maybe once a week or fortnight depending on progress
  18. this will be my entry - my first internet build, I forgot to take pictures for the 100 year anniversary of WW1, did a Mk IV male - so pictures are the big thing for me, and then posting them i guess.... https://www.scalemates.com/kits/935625-dragon-6816-pz-kpfw-iv-ausf-a
  19. I am up for this, I have a Jagdpanther to add to the mix..
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