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  1. Another great MiG!!! I have always loved the Egyptian/Syrian camo on them.
  2. That is stellar work with a less than stellar kit. It's beautiful. Very well done!!
  3. Great job and what a beautiful finish!!! Amazing job!!!
  4. I followed your WIP thread and it has turned out beautifully. Excellent work on a less than excellent kit.
  5. That's a very lovely Phantom, very well done!!!
  6. ....and so it continues. I've started the painting process using Hataka paints for Camouflage (Barley) Grey and Medium Sea Grey. I really like the Hataka paints, they go on very well. All I have left to do on the main fuselage greys is to paint the tail Camouflage (Barley) Grey.
  7. That does not look like the work of two left hands, despite your name. As a left handed person, I can only dream of my kits turning out that nice. Great work!!!
  8. This is very nicely done. I love the weathering you have done on it.
  9. That is incredible. I love P-40's in this camo scheme. I think it suits them best.
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