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  1. Not checking the "pegs" that held up the shelves in my display cabinet. They vibrate out after a period due to things bouncing on the dining room floor. Didn't check until there was a sound that I never want to hear again in my life. Top shelf hit the next, cascade effect took over and demolished the lot. 80 odd military vehicles hitting the floor and disnitigrating. I just sat and wept. The Daleks couldn't have done a more thorough job. There was carnage, nothing attached to anything else, wheels, separate tank treads, heads "oh the humanity". So, everything went into bin bags, and now it's all left in my head. The few photos I had are on photobucket, but they won't let me into my account any more as according to them I am already signed in. Super. Happy trails gents. May all your shelves be strong ones. Regards Pete
  2. I hope someone might know, but didn't Nichimo or Bandai produce some remote controlled tanks in 1/25th scale back in the mists of time? Have a very vague memory of some quite large things being driven around the dining room carpet when I was younger. Regards Pete
  3. That's a very "tidy" little vignette. Well done. Regards Pete
  4. Beautiful. and a fitting tribute to those brave men who flew them knowing full well they probably weren't going to survive very long. Regards Pete
  5. Nice clean build. Well done. Regards Pete
  6. Sorry, that's as big a Thumbs Up as I could find. Deserves a giant one. Regards Pete
  7. It certainly do look like it's resting on something. Just wondering if it's because some pilots were "shortar**s" and needed a boost. Seriously though, I know my references aren't in any way shape or form exhaustive, but the few pics I could find of empty seats, seem to show just the pan and no cushion. Again, wondering if there was some form of cushion that was removable or adjustable. I guess unless we can ask someone who sat in said seat, we aren't ever gonna know for certain. It's an interesting discussion though, based as it is, around such a splendid model. Regards Pete
  8. Nearly finished The Fort and The City by Adrian Goldsworthy. They follow on from Vindolanda etc. Fabulous as always. Regards Pete
  9. I can empathise with you my friend. I had to quit for different medical reasons. It ain't easy, but I find scanning through these pages quite cathartic and it still gives me a sense of belonging, if that makes sense. Whatever, and wherever the future holds, be safe, be as well as you can, and enjoy whatever takes your fancy. Regards Pete
  10. Always loved the building/modifying stage. Painting the basic colour/camo was ok, but I used to find I ran out of steam/interest in the weathering and finishing bit. Had a shelf full of stuff waiting to be finished. Terrible waste really. But that's life. Regards Pete
  11. Beautifully built and very credible as an IDF vehicle. Methinks they may have "upgunned" it in true IDF style. Regards Pete
  12. Absolutely first rate. The canopy masking is damn near perfect and the camo, well, that's just the icing on the cake. Lovely. Regards Pete
  13. This is superb work. Absolutely stunning. Before you seal it all up, there are a couple of things, which, knowing me will be in error, but I think I'm correct. The fire extinguishers you've so perfectly portrayed, should I think, be brass coloured, not red. The other thing I spotted was the seat "cushion" on the pilots seat. As far as I know that should be his parachute pack. The pilots wore seat packs, the rest of the crew, chest packs. The final thing is the handrails into the bomb aimer's compartment. You might want to dig up some references, as I believe these were a post-war addition. But seriously keep up the good work, am loving watching this. Regards Pete
  14. I don't know what all the fuss is about. Pounds, miles, feet, metres, whatever. Even Newton Metres etc. If it don't fit, beat it with a big hammer until it does. End of. Regards Pete PS: You really only need two tools. WD40 and Gaffer Tape. If it don't move and it's supposed to, used WD40. If it moves and it's not supposed to, use Gaffer Tape.
  15. Brilliant example of flawless NMF and weathering. Lovely work. Regards Pete
  16. Woooah! Along the years I've seen some stunning stuff turned out. But that, wow, it goes waaayyy beyond museum quality. All it needs now is a glass case, oh, and a guard of honour. Your skills are a long way past what I could offer and I, sir, am in awe of them. Regards Pete
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