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About Me

H ya'll. As I said in my intro, I have retired from modelling due to ill health. Won't go into details but its debilitating and it's getting worse.
I have enjoyed modelling for a squillion years and I learnt a lot along the way. Forgot most of it, but hey it was fun whilst it lasted. Now I get my vicarious kicks through you guys on this wonderful forum. When I did make models, they were what you could call "old school". The techniques some of you on here use these days amazes me. I was brought up model wise alongside guys like Ted Taylor, Dennis Teague, Matt Irvine and the much missed (even after all these years) Mac Kennaugh (et al). I came into contact with them through my Dad, who was the founder of the Help Desk at Humbrol, when making models was seen as a child's interest or a toy market thing. He helped all and sundry and was quite an accomplished modeller himself.

I made models of mostly military vehicles, even though my main interest is WW2 Bomber Command. I think I ended with so much information on these aircraft that my skills wouldn't let me build what I wanted to build and achieve convincing results. I have more books than you can stick a shake at concerning the Lancaster. The Halifax is also covered in there too as I had a relative who was an Air Gunner and who won the DFC.

Books are my largest passion. Any kind of book. I read every day and love every minute of it. You guys try and figure out ways of displaying models, I worry over shelf space for the next set of books arriving (over 1000 and counting).

Anyways, enough about me.

I'll be around, always watching, mmmmwwwwwaaaaaahhhaahahahahahahah.



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