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  1. Main assembly is now done but it's been a fight all the way with much cutting and trimming(some rural bad language) and no small amount of filling going on. The biggest problem is getting the tail booms in whilst stopping them twisting,its not as good as I would like but hey ho. Going back for more filling, sanding and start to think about getting the canopy on. Thanks for looking, G
  2. Hi Richard, the paint is a citadel base paint called Alaitoc blue um I think it's the one I used at least(it looked about right color). I put the pot away then thought, aahhh ummm which one was that!!!
  3. God's how long has it been....... , starting to make a bit of progress now so going to try to keep it going now, I might even make the deadline!!!! Sorry folks I can't delete the second image as my phone is being a pain in the bottom. Cockpit tub is together now too. Thats all for now, thanks for looking. G
  4. It's time I jumped in and got cracking with this build. So a few of the usual pics, all the sprues look nice and clean, hopefully trouble free. This will be built straight from the box, sweet and simple. Thanks for looking, G
  5. Still hoping to make the deadline! so it's a good job that this is a straight forward kit. Some progress is made, so next is the assembly. Thanks for looking, G
  6. Thanks guys, very helpful of you. G
  7. OK all done, somehow I've skipped a post, not sure how. Only let down was a badlt behaved decal which ended up with a chunk missing and found them rather fragile, possibly their age and my clumsiness. I enjoyed this little build, thanks for looking. G
  8. Morning folks, years ago I bought a phantom kit in its sprue bag. No decals, no instructions, nothing!! Decals I think I can scare some bits up from spares e. c. t But instructions I could do with if I can narrow down the manufacturer. Does anybody recognise the kit?? The sprue bag says made in Italy, does that point to Italeri?? It's an older kit with the arrester hook molded on the body. I might find the instructions online if I can identify the kit. Cany anybody help?? All the best, G
  9. Uhooo I sence this won't be as simple as I think it should be.......... OH well, its a bit more scratching on the head, no wonder there's no hair left.
  10. As my baby hurricane is moving along quite nicely I thought I'd like to have a go at this. It's been in the stash for a while and I can't remember where or when I got it but I think it's complete although the decals are badly knackered so they have been replaced. Other than that as normal I will build out of the box, this another simple straightforward build(famous last words!!). Thanks for looking, I will start it today. G
  11. Starting to look more like a hurricane now, will prime tomorrow morning and hope to have paint and perhaps even decals too. Thanks for looking, G
  12. Right finally got to spend some time on this little kit. It's sweet and simple, so hopefully no dramas. Just been painting some parts to gat the ball rolling. Let's see how far I get tonight. Thanks for looking, G
  13. Well I missed the deadline but got it as finnished as its going to be. All the mistakes and rough edges are mine, not too bad to put together as long as you ignore the inaccuracies, oh and I think the kit only cost me £9 about 15 yrs ago which is before the grey hair. Thanks for looking and letting me in at the last moment, only the second helicopter I've ever built, I think I might just try and find another, hhhmmmmm what it might be........... All the best, G
  14. Well it's been an interesting couple of days as I started to put some paint on the model.. Primed in grey, then put the white on, hhmm, yup some plonka can't read the colour chart, it's meant to be brown and olive not white and olive!!!! thought it was strange colours to start with. OK re primed today with a coloured primer(which I should of done before) so I just had to apply the olive and a light grey on the belly. Weapon assembly are done plus a splash of paint. Rotors and landing gear to go, both look a tad fiddly for Mr sausage fingers here, oh
  15. Thanks folks, yup the accuracy of the kit won't be keeping me awake at night!! Plus I'm just getting back into the swing of things. A bit more progress, just getting ready for some primer on the main body and started with the weapon pilon assembly(pics to follow) Thanks for looking, hopefully a bit more visible progress next time. G
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