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  1. Hi Dermot if your happy with the kit clear parts, I’m part way through a conversation of the HSL to a MASB so I should have a set somewhere. Drop me a DM with your details. I’ll look later this evening. Alyn
  2. Tedious to do (I've recently done it!), but worthwhile. Incidentally, I see that you are using a No.10 blade. I always manage to catch my fingers on the back of No.10s, so I always use No.11Ps as the blade is narrower. Alyn
  3. Thank you "satisfied customer" - however, I'm not a fan of blown-up photos of castings because it exposes the flaws!! Presently, the 1/144 sets are only available from Model Dockyard (Thanks Nick!). The range needs to grow and become established before it's of interest to other retailers. My days of working seriously in 1/32 and 1/35 ended in the 1980s! However, I have the Italieri Vosper Crew - very disappointing (particularly having regard to the price). Thread here: I suggest that a better starting point is a set (or two) of Hornet heads from Historex Agents (or Ultracast in Canada) https://historexagents.com/#HBH/8 and then look to Mini Art or Masterbox sets of figures that can be converted by simply filing off uniform detail (for example the Mini Art set of Afrika Korps tank crew appears to have potential for RN crew in the Med - they're bare-chested figures in shorts) Again thanks for the support and kind comments. Al
  4. By way of a heads-up, Haynes are publishing a manual for British Power Boat Co. MGB 81 Al
  5. Hi Kev Apologies for being slow to respond...(real life getting in the way), but try Dan Taylor’s British Infantry equipment set (www.dantaylormodelworks.co.uk). They’re 1/76 scale. Al
  6. Hi All I'm not sure whether this has "appeared" before. A tweet popped up from @seaspitfires with a link to the film The Broad Fourteens by the Crown Film Unit and produced in 1943/44. A tale of Vospers in action and well worth a look for reference: https://t.co/2nM4m5CylY There also a useful commentary about the film on www.spitfiresoftheseaa.com. It was completed after VE Day and consequently its relevance as an "information" film diminished and was not released/circulated. The Crown Film Unit used serving servicemen (and equipment) and as a consequence it is the "real thing" albeit that the story is a fiction. Al
  7. Hi Chaps I've been in contact with Martin of Coastal Craft this afternoon. He has been unwell with periods of time in hospital. On top of that he tells me that the person who attends to his website has retired. He seems to be on the mend but intends to scale back on the number of shows that he attends, although he expects to be at the IPMS Bolton show on 19 January. He also tells me that he's taking steps to get the website back on line. Al
  8. Hi MM A thorough wash Halfords primer And if you're not used to painting figures, use whatever paint that your are comfortable brush painting. I like using mainly Lifecolor and Vallejo acrylics (I find Lifecolor more chalky than Vallejo which I find is more of a plasticky consistency). I also like using artists oils for "best" work. At the end of the day it's all personal choice and what you find easy to use. Buy good quality brushes and look after them. Al
  9. I'm late to this party - this is great stuff! Great affection for the Dart - my Grandad used to work on them. I've got two Esoteric kits in the attic that will be built at some point in the future and this is excellent inspiration. Al
  10. Excellent stuff. I have a Revell 1:144 VIIC/41 that I intend backdating and building as a waterline model (at some point in the future). I shall be watching this build with interest! Al
  11. You've done a great job with them! I share you view about some 3D figures. They ought to be significantly better than "conventional" figures. There are two parts to the process, it's a question of how the figures are designed and how they're manufactured. If they're computer designed (as those are), there is likely to be stock figure that's animated to the pose. So facial features will be the same, the size of figures will be the same. Irrespective in my view insufficient time is spend on sculpting the figures and a consequence is that arms and legs can be banana like as creasing is not created on clothing (basically insufficient time is spent on the job). However the main issue is the quality of the printing/manufacture. A comparison is Reedoak figures (http://reedoak.com/) which in my view are the best available (but still not perfect) - real life figures are scanned and they produce good quality prints. There's also an issue in smaller scales because elements need to be accentuated otherwise detailing will just get lost. Al
  12. Hi Rob Those mats look fine to me. However, have you tried milliput? Roll it flat on a plastic bag that's been sprinkled with talc. Put it under a lamp to speed the cure (but not, I suggest whilst it's still on the plastic bag!). Obviously it can be sanded, but also to get rid of any hard edges a rub with wire wool will do the job. Al
  13. Al Gunthwaite

    Radar MTB 378

    That's an interesting photo with a Jeep lashed to the foredeck. I'm interested to see how this project comes along. Al
  14. Al Gunthwaite

    Radar MTB 378

    Your figures are great - very neat! Al
  15. Those look very neat! And thank you for the kind comments. I'm not allowed out to modelling shows unless I promise to behave "normally"! Al
  16. Al Gunthwaite

    Radar MTB 378

    Is that Royal Navy? I appreciate that it's a Vosper in the Med but some standards should be maintained!!
  17. Al Gunthwaite

    Radar MTB 378

    Arjan, Kev Blue cap winter - white cover summer. So in the Med I would always expect to see a white cover. And of course it's not straightforward because you see photos of a group of sailors wearing caps with and without white covers. Arjan, great work on the figures! Al
  18. You need to be careful using N gauge railway figures because depending on the manufacturer (and country of origin) the scale can vary between 1/148 and 1/168. Continental "N" are always likely to be a little undersized, however you wouldn't notice the difference with British "N" at 1/148. Al
  19. Thanks for the heads-up GrzeM, I wasn't aware of that! Now ordered... In retirement (still a long way off!) I want to do research on the 3rd flotilla operating out of Fowey because they had interesting camouflage. Al
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