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  1. Thanks. The decals were terrible. It's better to use others. "34" are taken from 'Begemot' decals.
  2. This ICM’s I-16 kit is one of the most popular among modellers. I decided that I should also have a model of this famous fighter. I did it for several years with long breaks and distractions for other projects, so it's hard to remember all the features. The idea was to imitate shabby winter camouflage. The plane of Lieutenant Gudyakov with the number "34" was taken as the basis. However, in the photo of the prototype, rockets under the wing are clearly visible, which is not done on my model, and the abrasions are much larger. The assembly did not go well. There were the following improvements - windows in the niches of the landing gear and in the fuselage above the instrument panel (which is not visible at all), the Venturi tube, seat belts, landing gear cables, airspeed tube from injection needles. Enjoy.
  3. Looks great! Nice painting and photos, indeed
  4. Thanks a lot. I used this approach for weathering (for all parts and surfaces): basic summer camouflage (simplified), then a layer of acrylic Tamiya X-22 Clear, then enamel Revell white, and after drying - the abrasions were made with a cotton swab moistened with White-Spirit. Here is also a few pics of process.
  5. I would like to share with you a model of my favorite aircraft, done not so long ago. This is Azur kit, originally from Special Hobby molds, with decals for the French version. Nice kit. But in some places, putty was required. Model Master paints were used: Navy Blue and Bright Blue - an approximate ratio of 70:30.
  6. Thanks for your praise. Actually I don't know if these "yellows" have to be matched to each other. I didn't think about it.
  7. Hello everyone, Just finished FineMolds Bf-109 G-2/R6, 1/72 in winter camo. The kit was pretty nice. Hope my model is nice too )
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