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  1. Chaps, Excellent photography database, with a focus on Spanish subjects. As an example, beautifully weathered F-18s ! http://www.aviationcorner.net http://www.aviationcorner.net/show_photo_en.asp?id=422174 http://www.aviationcorner.net/show_photo_en.asp?id=227515 http://www.aviationcorner.net/show_photo_en.asp?id=464798 http://www.aviationcorner.net/show_photo_en.asp?id=464289 Cheers,
  2. Hi gents, If one wants to build the version below, P-40K with short rounded tail (early version from -1 to -5 if I am correct), ... https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/P-40/57FG/images/Curtiss-P-40K-Warhawk-57FG64FS-White-13-Johnson-Cash-Tunisia-1943-0A.jpg ... the obvious solutions seem to use one of the Hasegawa 1/32 P-40K Warhawk 08188 or P-40E/K Warhawk 08226 references. MAJOR ISSUE: I do not have them and they seem extremely difficult to find. Is it possible to use a P-40E version (which I have), and add a the sprue with the rounded tail version (J sprue I
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