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  1. Unfortunately, the upper wing scheme pattern and markings for Indonesian AF is completely wrong...
  2. wow... I don't expecting so many appreciations to my work. Thank you all.... thank you.
  3. Thanks for the nice words, all... Appreciate it ! Aidy : yes, all of Indonesian skyhawks have it.
  4. Hi all, This is my recently finished 1/48 Hasegawa kit with FCM decal. I built it OOB with some scratchbuild parts unique to Indonesian Skyhawk. This particular bird is one of two ex-Israeli AF's TA-4H purchased by Indonesia in 1980. She was also the last flyable Skyhawk in Indonesian service, retired in August 2004. Thanks for looking
  5. Thanks Orjan and flyingpiggy... appreciate it.
  6. Thank you Hook, Jay and Tomthounaojam... Much appreciated
  7. Thank you all for your kind words.... appreciate it very much...
  8. Hello all, This is my recently finished model of F-14A Tomcat in 1/72. It is a nicely moulded Fujimi kit with additional items like pylons, bombs, bombrack, LANTIRN and Sparrow from Hasegawa kit, resin seats (the kit's seats are lost somewhere) and Fightertown's decal. I detailed the cockpit's side walls and wheel wells as they are completely bare. I found a fret of Tomcat PE from old Fujimi Royal Collection that I used some of them. Painting was done using Gunze lacquer paints and weathering by oil. I chose modex 107 (BuNo 161296) as this particular bird dropped 32 bombs and also the only Black Knights' bird to shot her gun during VF-154 Final Combat Cruise 2003 in supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom. She was one of five that based at Al Udeid, Qatar to support mainly Special Operation Task Force CTF-20 inside Iraq. My model is not historically accurate as the crew names and bomb marks were painted after the squadron left the area. However, Tomcat is one of my favorite fighter and in this September, US Tomcat has been retired for 10 years. Enjoy the pics...
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