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  1. The forthcoming Vulcan and Hercules sheets have the Microscale Decals logo in the top right corner.
  2. Have they changed supplier now as Xtradecals used to be printed by Microscale, even used identical packaging.
  3. New tool 1/48 Gazelle on it's way from Mikromir. Test shots on their Facebook page.
  4. Good shout on the Gazelle.
  5. 1/48 Puma 1/48 Hunter FGA9 and the new Vulcan will do for me.
  6. Nice build. I built the same one for my dad as a reminder of when he met George Beurling who was on RnR at a local convent during the war. If you ever read the first edition of Georges book Malta Spitfire, the two young lads he chats to by the river were my dad and uncle.
  7. Great builds. The Ferrari 333's were great to watch hammering down from the Dunlop bridge (still a straight run and no big fence in 97) and lighting their brake discs up as they braked for the Esses. I've still got my t-shirt from the Moretti team.
  8. Painted for the 10th anniversary of the Lightning Training Flight (LTF).
  9. Bertie Fisher, Austin McHale and Mike Rimmer thrashing their M3's around the Manx lanes is a sight and sound I'll never forget.
  10. Just got back from a week away and my 6R4 was waiting for me. A quick look through the box shows that the kit is excellently detailed even down to the co-drivers map light that attaches to the roll cage. Full engine detail including HT leads in a sort of vinyl material on the same sprue as the tyres and mud flaps. Photo etch for seat belt buckles, brake discs, bonnet catches, grills, seat frame and fuel caps. Seat belt material. Metal roof aerial. Self adhesive inserts for mirrors and bonnet badge. And then there is the decals. Printed very similar to Tamiya decals having a very gloss finish and possibly a little on the thick side with a glaring spelling mistake. The co-driver has been renamed Angel Harris!
  11. Have a look here https://www.hiroboy.com/
  12. Italeri are to release a 1/12 Lancia Delta Intergale "Monte Carlo 1990". No details at the moment just a photo on the website. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.italeri.com/en/article/740&ved=2ahUKEwihi5m8lqbnAhVRoXEKHcB6CFcQFjAQegQIBxAB&usg=AOvVaw2mgN4VWEFl55OCiqFAHVfR
  13. RWR fairing? Or will that be a separate boxing?
  14. Nice Hawk. I might have flown in that one.
  15. Lovely build and finish. Just for reference XF383 was an ex 4FTS jet and didn't have guns or Sabrina's fitted and the muzzle openings were faired over. Only the small drop tanks were carried (already mentioned elsewhere) as F6 flaps don't have the cutout.
  16. Very nice Lightning, but I don't remember a grey jet with a black anti glare panel?
  17. My Tamiya 1/24 Toyota TS050 arrived yesterday. A little bit simplified for the money but a nice kit nonetheless. I was a bit dissapointed in the fact that you cannot make an accurate Le Mans or WEC machine out of the box as Tamiya seem to have scrimped on paying the license fee's for the logo's for the 24 Hrs, WEC and Total as these are missing from the decal sheet. There is a update decal sheet from Blue Stuff that rectifies the deficiencies in the kit decals which I've ordered from Hiroboy.
  18. Nice build. Got soaked a couple of times by this jet while on exercise at Binbrook.
  19. It builds pretty well out of the box and the kit includes seat belt material, vinyl for mud flaps, window masks and an etch sheet which includes seat belt buckles.
  20. I still use MEK on a daily basis as a solvent/additive in commercial inkjet printers. It was always the last cab of the day that would shed its blade tape. Stood on the SARTU pan you could hear it whistling well before it reached the airfield boundary.
  21. Beemax Audi Sport Quattro and etch set arrived today. For anyone who was wondering, the missing HB logos from the kit decal sheet are included on a small decal sheet in the etch set.
  22. Very nice. The real thing flies over our house almost daily on its way into and out of Broughton.)
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