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  1. Well. I have never seen this aircraft before! Looking forward to the final result.
  2. Lovely model and I love to see the less common aircraft... one off in this instance.
  3. Nice models. Usually discussions of the FW are around SHAR's and Skyhawks, Mirage, Daggers, Etendards etc. Nice to see the other aircraft involved. As mentioned above it took some skill to intercept alongside the 707 by the SHAR pilot.
  4. Great models, love the paint schemes.
  5. Wow, that's awesome. There is so much detail, especially on the deck, love the flags and the weathered hull as well.
  6. Nice, especially for such a small model. Like the textured colours.
  7. Nice model. i find the Bandai kits to be amazingly well engineered and highly detailed.
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