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  1. Something is really messed up. My post under someone else's name??
  2. Its no secret...I love these little character kits. Planes, tanks, ships...love 'em all. Here is my latest. The Meng USS Lexington. Built OOB and painted in MM enamels. No decals were harmed in the building of this fun kit. The kit only provides stickers, which were NOT used. The flight deck lines are painted. The only items NOT painted with enamels are the screws. They are painted with my wife's old nail polish thinned down and airbrushed. Hope you like it.
  3. Thanks Dennis I have just had a look at the pictures in the link - excellent. The blue is a lot darker/deeper than I imagined and if the wing roots show AMT-12, then it really is dark!.I assume the cockpit colours are original A14 steel? I really find this whole "mystery" regarding Russian colours to be fascinating. I think I may have to send off for somw AKAN paints after all. I am also going to have to repaint the cockpit of my Lagg-3. I have silver, green and light blue in there and I now think that A14 overall would be correct. Bob
  4. Hi there! I have followed this thread with interest, having an ICM Lagg3 plus Zvezda La-5s and Yak-3 on the "to do" list. I understand the controversy regarding the AMT 11, 12 07 colours and think the AKAN versions are dark. I was wondering if anybody knows whether the Yak-3 at Le Bourget had ever been repainted since it arrived in 1945? The museum website has some excellent colour photos of the Yak-3 being moved - some taken outdoors in bright sunlight - and it appears the topside colours are definitely blue-greys (unlike the WEM colours) and there is a fair contrast between the two. They a
  5. Revell 55 is not too far away either!
  6. ....or speak nicely to any science teachers that you might be aquainted with! Schools buy them in large quantities.
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