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  1. I always saw people use Tamiya lacquer thinner so that's what I used, never had a problem till the last couple of models but I'm planning on getting me leveling thinner 400 for the next one since it's apparently vary good
  2. So I just started having problems with my airbrush we're when I start to paint semi large areas on my model the paint from my airbrush starts to I guess dry in the air and leave a anti slip textor or a sandpaper texture all over the model. I don't know if it's because I need to thin it more, bad air pressure, to far away form the model, or my airbrush is just getting to old. I'm planning on getting a new airbrush so I dont want it to keep happening with the new one. I use Tamiya xf series of paint and I thin it with only Tamiya lacquer thinner in a cup before I pour it in the airbrush. Thanks for your time
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