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  1. I bought a similar box from the range. The dividers are removeable so you can adjust the compartment lengths etc. I think i paid about $3.99.
  2. Thanks mate. Havent got to grips with posting pics ( havent managed any on the guitar forums ive been on for years.). I can do email though. Lol. Thanks for the welcome mate. Cheers John/Ted.
  3. Thanks Keith mate. Much appreciate your welcome. Cheers John./Ted.
  4. Thanks mate.. will probably leave it as is now then. cheers John.
  5. Cheers, I had the correct green for the cockpit (suggested colour on box anyway) and i mixed 104 blue with 33 for the cowling but its a little too dark. I will try 60/40 blue to black for another coat. I just need to mix a green close enough, not too bothered about being spot on. Its 2nd model we have built and its not without its newbie mistakes. Thanks for your help. John.
  6. Hi, Has anyone got any suggestions for an other Green i could use for the A6M2 ZERO. I have 168 hemp but not the 75 recommended. The Green Colours I have are 66 olive,116 us dark,117 us light,(226The cockpit green enamel and 159 ,80,101 enamel) Does anyone have some suggestions on mixing any colours with one or more of theses to make a suitable green for this model? Cheers John
  7. Hi Dennis, Thank you for the welcome mate. Have a great day. Cheers John.
  8. Hi Mate. Thanks for the welcome... Been a keen guitarist for many years but cant really find the time or space at home at the moment. (not a gigging guitarist). A wardrobe contains my amps and pedals etc at the moment unfortunately. Cheers John.
  9. Hi Jeff. Thanks for the welcome and Gidday to you mate. Cheers John.
  10. Thanks John. appreciate the welcome. John.
  11. I,ve just joined with my 11 year old son Ted. Been restoring and painting subbuteo figures past 12 months, ( too tight to pay the big money for rarer teams). We've both just started our first Airfix Model.(1/72 spitfire starter kit) Looking forward to doing some more and will probably need a lot of advice as we progress. First time with acrylics infact new to the whole process. Im 55 and Teds 11. Cheers all, have a great Day, John .
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