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  1. Hello everyone, here is something that was done on golf. Finally the color sat down, the same blue as I had at golf. The chassis was done, but I had problems while I was fitting the rims on the golf, did the revell have its own rim system, I had to grind something to sit properly. The interior was also made. A few more little things to solve and I think it will be over soon. Here is the photo: Body: Undercarriage: Interior: Rims, the larger circle on the left should have been sanded to the size of the smaller one so that the rim fits so that it doesn't protrude too much out of the body
  2. I made a T3 model a couple of years ago, your work so far is great...
  3. Looks excellent, very good work...
  4. Hello everyone, on the table is vw golf gti mk1 from revell. It will be a standard performance except that I will change the rims. The color will be dark blue. I'll fix the engine, put the wires on the distributor. Cheers Engine Chassis Rims Color
  5. dBaraSbk

    Hello :)

    Hello there, I'm Dino from the Croatia. I started modelling15 years ago. My main interest is with cars in 1/246 and bikes in 1/12. Sometimes I also know to build small military vehicles in 1/32 scale. Happy building everybody. Cheers
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