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  1. Very nice! I’m going to start the very old (vintage) Hobbycraft. I’ll go for the 24 red but I need to do a lot of scratch building. One question: do you have reference for color schema you used for your 32 red? thx!
  2. Hi guys, you made my day! And my SEAs serie as well. Great!
  3. Hi, can you share that photo? I’m looking for an underside showing that difference actually. thank you!
  4. Hi guys, thank you for your support. Definitely of help! F.
  5. Dear All, I'm new in this community, so apologise if I'll made some mistake (and for my broken english). My first post concerns a topic that I guess not to be new for modellers: SEA Camouflage Schema. It is definitely easy to find official reference online concerning the Federal Standard codes to be used, as well to find brands offering the right color to match the schema (AK or Vallejo Kits, Gunze H303/309/310/311, just to mention some). My concerns regards exactly the last color I mentioned, the underside "camouflage gray" (gunze H311). As far as I can see from the tons of images available online (F-4 Phantoms, F-105 Thunderchiefs...), the underside looks more like a very very dirty white (or off-white) than a gray. I'm not saying that it is white, but neither too gray. I'm considering to use an off-white from Gunze on a black undercoat (Black Mr Surfacer), a reverse-preshading (by filling the inner panels with a marble schema) and then to use filters and patina to make the off-white even darker (until I reach a proper fade of white/gray). I've seen on this forum a lot of topics on SEA, more focused on SEA I and SEA II upperside schema than the underside, but if I missed any, please apologise. My question is if any of you has experience (what a question!) to share/advice on this point. I would like to avoid to use a color too far from the actual one. I hope you can help me on this, thank you in advance Regards Fabio
  6. Hello everybody, let me try to introduce myself. I'm almost 50 and I live between Rome and London. I re-started modelling during the first lockdown, when I was plenty of time. I started with a Spit 1/32, thinking that it would have been just "a single shoot". But it wasn't. A passion I had since I was 7 showed me that it was still there, just waiting for the right moment. As of now, I have done 5 models. All absolutely imperfect (as my english actually) but that are making me proud of them. I really hope to find here in this community the right place to share experiences and techniques! Let's have fun and keep modelling! Fabio
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